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August 13, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Rubber Clark: Don't feel bad guys....the new supergirl is all plastic too.

And the runner-ups:

Disappointing plotlines sold separately.

I work in a comic store and the only Smallvill efigure we still haven't sold is Lana.

Not an entry. Just funny.

Designer: As you can tell by their colors, the figures represent the four natural elements, and Cyborg represents metal, or (does air quotes) "industrialization". When all of these elements are in harmony and balance, the team thrives. When those elements are out of balance, the whole team suffers. So these action figures are fun superheroes, but they'll also teach children about Mother Earth and her delicate balance.

Boss: You've been smoking ^$& with Al Gore again, haven't you?

From Jell-O, Smallville Lifemolds! For all the young women who wanted to pause and lick their favorite Smallville star!

This earns my award for "creepiest caption ever".

jimmy mac
Elderly Han Solo: "Yeah, well in MY day, Carbonite only came in one color... you kids today have it too easy..."

Clark: Hey guys, am I the only one getting the feeling that someone's playing with us?

Martian Manhunter: *clutches Ollie's throat* WHY ARE YOU GREEN?!?!?!

Ollie: *Gagging*

Martiain Manhunter: WELL?! *Ollie passes out* Oh...right...

Clark: Why are you looking at me like that?

Ollie: I'm sorry, it's just that, I...



Ollie: Hmm... blue raspberry...

Clark: You very much need to die.

super surfer
Further down the toy aisle, Barbie was checking out Oliver Queen.

So was Ken.

Dancing Neal Bailey figure sold separately.

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