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September 2, 2011: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Superman: My face says "Happy 6th birthday Johnny." But my hand says "Crush this abomination's hand." But my eyes tell me I really dig that skirt!


jimmy mac:
"I know it's uncomfortable, Lois Darling, but this is the only way you'll survive our wedding night!"

The unknown future rolls toward us. I face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope. Because if a machine, a guy in a silver-painted cardboard box, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too.

It was so much nicer in the fifties when Brainiac and Superman could shake hands and say good game at the end of a don't see that anymore.

"I should have thought of this robot duplicate idea years ago! Once Lois sees us together, she'll never again suspect that Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same!"

chris brockow:
Superman "Does anyone have a can opener?"

Johnny 5 is alive!

Mr. Reeves: And who are you supposed to be?
Box Man: I'm a recent college graduate with a BFA in art design. I'm wearing my final project. It's my interpretation of Tom Welling's acting range fully realized with the metal from used soda cans.

jimmy mac:
Superman: "Say, Jim, that's a bad outfit!"
Robot: "Yes sir.JIM.THAT'S.A.BAD.OUTFIT."
Superman: "I didn't mean you had toactuallysay it!"

Mr. McTavish: "Ben Affleck?"
George: "No, but I get that a lot."

Before there was Metallo, there was ... Cardboardo!!!

"1,2,3,4 . . . I declare a thumb war!"

Dennis Hays:
Superman: Well I'm a Pisces and I like long walks on the beach ...

Superman: Ok Robot, Smile for the camera
Robot: ....I only have one expression

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