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June 3, 2009: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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"My other chest has an S on it."


Bizarro Brainiac:
The superhero equivalent to forgetting to zip your fly.

jimmy mac:
Street Pimp: "Whoa, Jim - that's a baaad outfit!"

Clark kent swiftly transforms into the pasty-white blur

"Dude, where's my suit?" elmadmatt:
Brandon: Cut? Cut!? Bryan can I get a cut?
Bryan: It rubs the lotion on the skin and does as it's told.

Darn it! I knew they were having money problems for a sequel, but I forgot they auctioned my costume off on ebay!

One beer with Jimmy, and even the man of steel can't resist uncontrollably running down alley ways, stripping in broad daylight in downtown Sidney. Fosters....Australian for beer.

And here, Brandon Routh recreates a scene from the 1950s Adventures of Superman episode, "The Stolen Costume."

super surfer:
Laundry detergent: $7.00
Fabric softener: $5.00
Having a clean suit ready when you need it most: PRICELESS

A brand new publicity still from the scene titled Luthor's poolside fantasy from the new film Fast Times At Smallville High.

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