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October 1, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Kara: This is my new ceremonial battle garb. Each article of clothing is a trophy taken from a Disney princess I've killed.

And the runner-ups:

Kara (crying): They like me... they really like me!
Audience: We are here for the corn!
Kara (sobs)

Announcer: Out next contestant is Kara Zor-El of Krypton. She enjoys being stuck in suspended animation, dressing like a 1970's prostitute, and long walks off short piers. Hobbies include thinking alot but not too much and breathing. In her spare time, Kara saves the world when no one else in available.

...Does she come in redhead?

Kara Zor-El was disqualified after disgusting the judges when she went too far during the talent show with her presentation of "101 ways to shuck corn".

(pause) Excuse me while I go get the rancid yogurt-filled sweatsock of doom.

Jimmy crack corn, but Kara does something far more intriguing with it...

Okay, I'm back. (begins smacking jrs1980 with it) BAD! BAD CAPTIONER! BEHAVE!

And for my next trick, I will make Superman continuity explode.

and lift ... and separate

(turns sock on shaxpere) AND THAT GOES DOUBLE FOR YOU!

millar: hey im thinking of offering laura the "no tights every week" contract we bashed out with welling, over the "wear whatever our filthy minds can come up with" contract we conned Durance into, what do you think pal?

Gough: I'll handle the contracts from now on.....

Wow! That Aaron Thall is HOT!

Ma? Go get my gun. For the last time, blondes... they do NOTHING! NOTHING!

Nothing phallic about this picture, no siree bob!

Oh come on, not you too... I'm running out of yogurt.

Now if only her IQ was bigger than her cup size...

With all the arbitrary drama going on in Smallville I hope we don't get a "dang-it she's my cousin" episode....I take this no further...

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