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November 22, 2013: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Chris O'Sullivan:
Look, Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's your dad!


Zack:There!... There goes Jonathan!
Clark: Where?
Martha: A little bit to the left Clark...

Diane: Werewolf!
Zack: There wolf. There castle.
Henry: What? I don't see anything!

Zack: Look, It says... surrender Dorothy... hey, wrong movie!
Henry: Now is that a request to Dorothy to surrender, or to the people of Oz to give her over. It always seemed kind of vague.
Diane: No comma. It's not directed to Dorothy.

The guy taking the picture was getting a little frustrated. "Alright, everybody point over to my right. Every body. You, too, Henry... Henry... HENRY!"

Cavill just asked the way back to England.

Martha: "That's him"
Zack: "Him...are you sure?"
Martha: "Yup, I never forget a face"
Clark: "Okay mom, I got this! Affleck is going down for wearing my suit with red underwear on the outside!!!"

Here come the fanboys complaining about something else.

Henry flat out refuses to join in with Lane and Snyder's rendition of Grease lightening.

Henry: I still don't see a tornado.
Zack and Diane: It will be over there.
Henry: Where? I don't see it.
Zack: It's not real it will be a cgi tornado, just pretend it's over there.
Diane: Henry pretend it's an island...

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