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September 9, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Kara: Kal, I wish to commence "making out" with you.

Clark: YES!

Admiral Ackbar *holding up "House of El Family Tree"*: IT'S A TRAP!!!

And the runner-ups:

neal bailey
Like millions of voices had suddenly cried out at once, and perished.

Clark: What, Krypton?

Nah, brain cells.



Kara: Is THIS the way you humans greet each other?

Civilian: Uh... yes?

super surfer
Kara: Kneel before KARA!
The men of Smallville: YES MA'AM!

Smallville Season 7: Save the alien cheerleader, save the show from cancellation momentarily so the producers can milk every last drop of cash as they can out of it before casting it away like the corpse of an cross-eyed poodle.

We'll probably rethink the slogan...

In Smallville continuity, Supergirl is Diana Ross and ALL of the Supremes. Why? Because they can. And because Al Gough is a d***.

When Jimmy meets her: Hey baby, your planet or mine? Oh..oh gee....I'm sorry...I didn't mean...crap.

Spiked Bracelet: check

Skimpy clothes that could've been stolen from a fourteen year old: check

Being sexy but also being completely naive about it: Check

Ready to signal the death of a tv series: Big Ol' check.

Clark: (Looks at designs on the ship) Didn't I see that design of symbols at Belle Reeve right before the crazy doctor tried to kill me and I had to fry his hand off?

Kara: Um?

Clark: OMG! You're here to kill me!

Kara: (Sarcastically) What? The writers haven't done that with your character ALREADY?!

Kara: Hello, Clark. I'm your cousin Oliver--- I mean Kara. I'm your cousin Kara.

Clark: Kara, you didn't do a very good job of hiding your ship. It's barely covered at all!

Chloe: Yeah, there seems to be a lot of that going on around here.

Kara: What?

Chloe: Nothing.

Hi, I'm Linda Lee ... er, Linda Danvers ... er Matrix ... er Kara. That's it. I'm Kara. Would you care to see an interpretive dance explaining my origin?

Supergirl: "Freeze!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "That's my line, stupid girl! Now you will learn why they call me the Gropenfuhrer!"

Stop! Don't bother looking up in the sky. It's not a bird. Or a plane. Or Superman.

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