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January 28, 2011: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Oliver: See Clark, this is how dual identity works. She is Miley now but when she puts on the wig, she is Hannah Montana. And nobody knows the difference....


Lois: "Hey guys, President's coming on live."
President on TV: "...and because the summit has failed, we have no choice but to strive to be second to none in the nuclear arms race...
Clark: "Oh crap, I'm going to have to deal with Nuclear Man this season!"

TV: late 80's Unsolved Mysteries theme in background.
Robert Stack: Cloaked in secrecy, random people across the country are becoming more involved in attempts to stop local crimes. Are these individuals heroes as some believe? Or are they dangerous vigilantes as government reports seem to suggest? Some theories even include visitors from other worlds. Stay tuned.
Theme picks back up.

Ollie: I can't stand this any longer! I can't even sleep at night, because I'm so worried about Chloe. Where is she?
Chloe: Ollie, I'm right here.
Lois: You're worried? How do you think I feel? I'm her cousin! I've known her since we were kids!
Chloe: Uh, guys...
Martha: Wherever she is, I hope she's strong enough to make it out of it alive.
Chloe: Hello?
Clark: I miss her so much, I've even started to hallucinate that she's in the living room with us!
Chloe: Ugh... Now I remember why I went underground in the first place...

Da Puertorican:
Ollie: Seriously Clark... your mom's a senator, you have hologram projections at the Fortress, and they are no longer that expensive... please get a flat screen tv at least, and lose the VCR, we are already at BluRay Discs.

TV announcer: "We now project Lex Luthor has won the 2012 presidential election. Wait -- Florida is too close to call. Wait -- Florida has just been vaporized.
We now project Lex Luthor has won the 2012 presidential election"

Oliver: Wait till you guys see this video.
Martha: What's it called oliver?
Oliver: It's the craziest thing I've ever seen, it's called "2 girls 1 cup".

All thinking "Man these fan posts are sooooooo weird"

super surfer:
Newscaster: This just in! Apparently, the grass IS greener on the other side.

Clark: These Star Wars prequels really suck. I mean, that little punk is gonna be Darth Vader? He can't act, and what's with the lame dialogue and him loving his childhood sweetheart, and all the drama? There are other women out there, ya know! And they're changing things around, too. The continuity is all messed up. I want to see Darth Vader kicking butt and taking names, but he only shows up in full costume for like 2 minutes at the end of the last one. So lame, right?
*everyone looks at Clark*
Clark: What?

Bill O'Reilly: It's up to you Factor viewers. Is the Superman Homepage Caption Contest judge a pinhead or a patriot for choosing a caption that jokes about Superman killing Lois Lane?
Erica: I bet you can all guess how I'm voting!

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