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March 23, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Aquaman: Miles and Al are going to write my show, MINE!!

Superman: Take 'em. You don't want to see what'll happen if you try to give them back.

The Award for I-Can't-Believe-Steve-Let-It-Pass Award goes to:

neal bailey
So THAT's how little Atlanteans are made!

Best Pandering to the Judge Award goes to:

last man of krypton
Aquaman: I'm the Mystic Force Blue Ranger! I summon the power of water!
Superman: You're the only guy that would choose to be a female Power Ranger.

And the runner-ups:

So I can assume the rules against slash in the fan-fic threads have been
lifted too?

Superman: I swear I didnt know your cousin was in that sushi!
Brodie-El on March 24 2006 - 01:18:20
Aquaman: Clark, the human body is 70% water. I am human but also the Atlantean King so my body has a higher percentage of water.

Superman: You mean (gurgle, choke) this is coming from inside your body??!!

Aquaman: YES!

Superman: No wonder I tasted a hamburger in there!

Aquaman: I haven't had a burger since 1988.

Superman: SICK!!

last man of krypton
Aquaman: Kneel before me, Son of Jor-El!
Superman: Do you know what I did to Zod when I did kneel before him? I broke his hand like it was made of glass.
Aquaman: ...sorry, Master. I'll get back to cleaning your Fortress.

Aquaman: "I'm only going to say this one more time' MY NAME IS AQUAMAN, NOT SEAMAN"
Superman: "*snicker* ok ok I'm sorry ......Seaman *snicker*"

Do you yearn for that deep clean feeling but also desire whiter teeth? Try Aquahand! Experience Clean to the Extreme! Fights Cavities and Prevents Tartar Build-up! Just listen to one of our satisfied customers:

Superman: "It's like there's a party in my mouth, and EVERYONE's invited!"

Superman: No, stop it, you're killing me! (Yawns.) Aquaman, you sure are strong! (Looks at watch.) Somebody help!

Aquaman: My castle is an Atlantean marvel! Do you have any idea how much manpower is needed to move marble blocks with the amount of pressure there is at the bottom of the sea? You will not refer to it as Sea Monkey Manor! Do you understand?

Superman: I understand you smell like sardine oil, Captain Catfish!

Neal Bailey speaks about a disappointing turn out for a Smallville picture week. Cyberv enjoys a record breaking first day for his contest. Aquaman beats the crap out of Superman. Ahem. Why can't I wake up???

Because YOU'RE NOT ASLEEP! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (coughs) Right. Sinuses. Gotta cut back on the evil laugh. Rassum frassum...

When Superman suggested that the A on Aquaman's belt stood for cup size, let's just say, it did not end well.

Aquaman: Who! Does! Number! Two! Work! For?!? Who! Does! Number! Two! Work!

Aquaman : I am NOT a Sea Monkey!! I was never your anenime. I was always your

last man of krypton
In the absence of cyberv's usual joke, I hope he doesn't mind if I borrow it for this week:

Superman: (pause)


Mmm, Acuvue's Hydraclear formula. It's so moist!

I don't mind, but there is a two dollar rental fee. Blame the IRS.

Superman's mocking of Spongebob character "Mermaid Man" finally pushed Aquaman over the edge.

Two seconds later, everyone forgot it happened and Aquaman returned to his job as valet.

Somewhere out in space...

"Umm... Mike? Should we be seeing this?"


Aquaman: Oh god! He's biting me!
Superman: I tried to tell you i fight dirty, but you were all boy scout this and boy scout that

Meanwhile, far below the surface, near the very core of the earth, the Devil just donned a parka and shivered.

Upon attempting to factor the improbability of this picture, Brainiac #$%^ing exploded.

Aquaman: I'm actually beating him! Finally, I'll get the respect I deserve! Now who's the top---

(Superman rips off Aquaman's arm.)

Aquaman: Aw nuts...

last man of krypton
Aquaman: Ha! You see? No-one can get up from my Atlantean head-lock!
Superman: Wow, you really proved your point. You definitely should be the one to lead the charge against Superboy Prime.
Aquaman: Really? You're giving me that much responsibility?
Superman: Yep, you've earned it after all these years. Good luck down there. Oh, a little fun I like to have with supervillains is to first let them punch my head. You should get Superboy Prime to do that to you. You know, just to... ah, you know... toy with him.

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