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June 7, 2011: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Are you getting old? Do you not have the muscle mass you used to? Are you or were you a superhero?
Now there is a solution to regain that mass you had in the golden age in your golden years.
If you are from Krypton, results may vary. You should consult the League before taking Musalis. Musalis is not guaranteed against any arch-villian devices. If you suffer slight or complete loss of powers seek an ancient amulet of some sort.
Others may whither and die, but you shouldn't have to.


The cast take a break on the set of Christopher Nolan's heightened reality take on Kingdom Come.

Today's episode "Superman Visits The Black Lodge" directed by David Lynch.

Does anyone remember where I put the Fortress key? I had it a minute ago. It's the big gold one? Any one? This was so much easier when my x-ray vision was working...

Well... Catwoman's dead.

a young tony curtis:
And the best costume of the evening award goes to Neal Bailey for his awesome Catwoman!

And so, the wait for that successful franchise film continues...

Superman: I wish I was Peter Pan right now.

From the Creators of Brainiac and Me, I Was a Teenage Wolverine, and The JSA: Jersey Shore America... What do you get when Superman, Hulk and Catwoman all reside in the same retirement facility? Let the hilarity ensue! Tune in Tuesdays at 7 on Fox!

Isn't it time for a frickin' reboot already?!?

"Dang it, Myxy! That's cheating! How am I supposed to trick you into saying your name backward when you made me so senile I can't even remember how you say it forwards?"

If the Justice League writers have to start ripping off old Star Trek plots, did they have to start with this one?

Even Superman was affected by Obamacare.

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