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July 6, 2005: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

I don't care what anyone says, the purple one is hot!

....I really need to date more...

The runner-ups:

neal bailey
Later, all. I'm off to fetch the only thing which can deal with these two.

Bonus points for referencing Godzilla without knowing I love Big G.

neal bailey
Two, two, two parasites for the price of one, just to show that there IS something on Earth that sucks more than Azzarello, even if the story ruled.

Keith: Activate interlocks. Dynotherms connected. Infracells up.
Mega-thrusters are go.
(Overplayed but eagerly anticipated transformation sequence)
Hunk: ...I miss our lions.
Pidge: I don't wanna think about how we all fit inside this guy.
Allura: Remind me to kick the Ranger freak when this caption is over.
(caption ends. Pause)
CyberV: OW! MY SHIN!

Call me crazy, but I never really envisioned Superman with chicken legs.

ALEX: I want the legs!
ALEXANDRA: I want the thighs!
SUPERMAN: None from me guys, I'm vegetarian.

Further proof that cannibalism is ALWAYS funny.

Neal looks at the picture, and then at CyberV.
Neal: Aaron, are you SURE you're not punishing them?

Boy, those guys must be Parasites. Because this picture sucks.

Ohhh! This is the caption contest?! I just thought Steve put up an illustration of fan-boys dissecting the new costume. I guess that explains why there are only 80 comments.

Aaron quickly discovered that his new Superman pajamas were simply too irresistable for the ladies so he sadly had to discontinue wearing them.

One, I will NEVER look that good. Two, I would never wear Superman pajamas. Three... thank you, thank you for making me a success with the ladies. At least in a fantasy world... that doesn't exist outside this silly contest... ...SIGH...

Superman: Great scott! Evil parasites are attacking Metropolis! THere's only one thing to do.... Strike a pose. Hee-yah! Ho-cha! Yeah.

I'm not sure if this is a reference to The Tick or Johnny Bravo, but it's funny either way.

Alex: Can we keep him? Alexandra: Alright. But remember to poke holes in lid of the jar this time, so he can breathe. Remember what happened to that Power Ranger I let you keep? Alex: Yeah, yeah. I remember.

Please tell me it was Blake Foster. &^%$&^$* 12 year old Ranger... Ruined Turbo, he did.

Alex: Okay, I'll milk his right knee, you milk his foot. And... GO!

CyberV: Oh, Steve's not gonna like this...

Neal: Relax. There's no tractor. It's cool.

And the Stinky Sock Award goes to spiderspleen for refencing the Chapelle Show. But I have good news. Now there's fruit at the bottom of the sock. Now THAT'S good eating. Whelp, looks like my time is up. Keep your eyes peeled in two weeks for the Supes/FF images contest. Until then, I remain both terribly broke and

Aaron (CyberV) Thall

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