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January 21, 2010: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Hmm, about 8 pounds, 7 ounces. Too heavy for the space ship. Lara, hand me the next one!


Needs mayo.

Next week on Krypton Kops: Police arrest a Kryptonian scientist after he uses his baby for experiments. Plus, kops chase an out of control madman named Zod, and arrest a skywalker named Ursa. Only on Fox Krypton.

I will send you to Earth. It is wonderous and strange place, totally different from Krypton, except for a cave in Mexico.

Kal-El: "Daddy, why is a monkey crawling into my spaceship?"
Jor-El: "That's just Beppo, my son. We will retcon him later."

You will travel far, my little halal...Kal-El...Ralph.... whatever your name is...

Public service Announcement: Everyman should take some time being a daddy. Spend time with your kids.

Brando: "But we will never leave you, even in the face of our death?"
Richard Donner: Dammit! Who put a question mark at the end of that sentence? I've told you a million times Marlon will read whatever is written on that baby!

El Duderino:
Jor-El: So you're my great great grandfather huh? The first El born on Krypton.
...And you peed on me.

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