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December 5, 2012: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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As he gazed upon the scene in the city room, Perry White grew concerned. He had always been aware of Kent's obsession with Lois Lane and had tolerated it. But now that the bespectacled reporter had had a life-size paperweight of Lois custom-made, a line had been crossed.


Draw me Clark... draw me like one of your French girls

Their rendition of "Muskrat Love" went over well, but the mood went somber as Clark broke into "Flight of the Bumblebee" and both the Steinway and Lois were lost that day.

Lois: How long have you been there?
Clark: I'm always around Lois.

a young tony curtis:
Clark: "I was wondering Lois,how the heck do you manage to apply makeup with such badly drawn fingers?"

william b:
Clark: "I'll be glad when you look like Amy Adams instead of my Grandma."

Lois: "Now, remember, this is the 1940s. World War II. Gritty realism. Life and Death. Now let's go do a story on the mechanical monsters!"

And the Superman Fans caused an uproar when the latest change was revealed to be the removal of Clark Kents eyeballs.

So, this "Matches Malone" guy took me on a wild goose chase all over Gotham City. There were sightings that were probably just shadows and anecdotes from people who knew somebody who knew somebody, but no solid evidence of a masked vigilante with a bat fixation beating up on criminals.
A whole day wasted chasing a silly urban legend!

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