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March 9, 2011: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Uh, Lois... I'm sorry but the Salkinds have made me the bearer of bad news. They got a look at your screen test and... well, you're going to have to be killed.


Superman: "37?"
Lois: "37."
Superman: "In a row???!!!!!"

jimmy mac:
"Why yes, Lois, I like ... beige."

BUT MOM! All the OTHER guys at school wear theirs!

"Sorry Janet, Dr. Frankenfurter wants us to branch out into cosplay."

Superman: But Lois, I was going to Toshe Station to pick up some power convertors.
Lois: You can waste time with the Justice League later.

super surfer:
"But I can't take the trash out now! I gotta go save someone!"

Superman: No I CAN'T read your mind!!!! I keep telling you that is NOT one of my powers!!!

Please let me go out! I swear I can clean my room REALLY quick!!

This is no fantasy. No careless product of wild imagination. I ask you now to pronounce judgment on those accused. On this... This mindless TV movie, whose only means of entertaining are wanton canon-violation and bad†musical†numbers. And on the woman Leslie Anne Warren, whose unreasoning hatred of any fashion sense has threatened even the children of the Planet Hollywood. Finally, David Wilson. Chief architect of this intended revolution and author of this insidious plot to ruin a generation's version of Superman!

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