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April 21, 2005: Caption Contest

Caption CompetitionCaption Competition

Arf Arf and away!!!

I'm so easy.

The runner-ups:

(Picture 1) Krypto: I look good because Felix Vasquez makes me look good on his reviews! (I know, shameless promotion, so sue me)

Why do you caption this when you only know I will kill you for it? (J/K. Felix is a great guy.)

Krypto: Well...there it is, Ace. Ace: What? Krypto: The moment that the caption contest really jumped the shark. Ace: Yup.

It only jumps the shark when we use the same picture twice. Know...your...concepts!

Krypton: Ok, bathound, on the count of three,.. we eat streaky.

Dont let the captions go to the dogs. (sf13 gets pellted with socks filled with rancid yogurt)

Cripes - they let Elongated Man into the JLU. Elongated Man. But they don't invite us. What's up with that?!?

They only did that because the Challengers of the Unknown told them what would happen to his wife. They pitied him.

"All Dogs Go to Heaven" - never was an outcome more desired after seeing these pictures.

Did you know that Ted Bundy's first dog was a collie named Krypto?

Curioser and curiouser when you learn that Hitler's dog was named Ted Bundy! Okay. I made that up.

Well...I hexta-dog-dare you! NOW it was serious. A hexta-dog-dare. What else was there but a "hepta dare ya"? And then, the coup de grace of all dares, the sinister octuplet-dog-dare.

Bathound has a utility collar. See, I watched the show once. (In best Joe Piscopo voice) Once.

Muttley Crue

Prom night at the Smallville Pound.

Moments after this group photo was taken, the entire group was trampled by a jealous Comet the Superhorse.

Old school fans: "Hey, hey, someone is missing." Krypto: " Has anybody seen Gleek?"

I ate Gleek. He was trying to take over the Earth. Charleton Heston told me to. Something about mind controlling guys who talked in feedback and regrets about losing his friendship with Roddy McDowell. I don't know, really. All I heard was monkeys, and I was like, dude, I'm there.

Krypto: C'mon guys Scooby called us 'Rellow'. Are we gonna take that sitting down? Why did we all just sit when I said that?

Warp Drive
"Now remember, this is a FAMILY FRIENDLY site, so no racist, vulgar, or otherwise malevolent captions. This includes MILKING TRACTORS. Break this rule and your post will be deleted and you will be warned, or, at our discretion, you will be banned, so use your common sense. And if you're not very funny, you might get deleted, too. Nah, just kidding. Have fun! Remember, only YOU can prevent bad tractor jokes. You or...CyberV? Read on!" You know you are a bunch of hypocrites with the milking tractor thing? I'd like to direct your attention to Action Comics #800,page 17 lower left panel.The comic book Lana,not the one you love to hate, talks about Clark leaving Smallville and I quote "Your Ma's holding it together,but Pa tried to milk the tractor after he told me what train you were catching." No milking tractor jokes allowed...right.

Holy....mother...of tractors! He's RIGHT! It's there! Now, I don't see how this makes us hypocrites, but I have to admit, that is a KOOKY coincidence. Good catch!

[Ace]: "Oh God, who invited Streaky? He doesn't belong on an all-dog superteam. I mean, he is SUCH a pu--" [Streaky]: "YOU TAKE THAT BACK, YOU SON OF A--" [Krypto]: "GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! Accurate as this all may be, we're treading dangerously close to tractor-milking country, here..."

Krypto orders Streaky beaten down after he discovers his kibble has been spiked with tracktor milk!

Having been chosen as this weeks caption contest, Krypto begins strutting pompously in front of the other animals. Ace: Don't make me slap you.

A picture of all those involved in

Yeah? Well you're the monkey just off screen! Oooh! Dis. I think?

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