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February 14, 2014: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Wonder Woman: then he looks at me with this sly smile and says, "This is a job for Superman!"


Richard D Cinelli:
Women! The only thing my super powers can't save me from.

Superman: Oh for the love of God can we just pick a place to eat already!

Adryan Kent:
Lois: You know... if we could somehow fuse and blend our entities into a single female, we shall be named... DIANE LANE, so that he can have some mommy issues *wink*
WW: That's... eerie and... genius!! Let's do it!

That moment when Superman overhears Diana and Lois discussing the fact that he likes pink.

Lois: Beef Bourguignon
Lois and Diana with laughter: WITH KETCHUP!!!

The new "Death of Superman" storyline features a look at Superman's experience in Hell.

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