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September 16, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

You don't like turtles?! Eat sky!

And the runner-ups:

You poisonous snake:

Prep time THIS, muthaf[bleep]er!!!!

super surfer
I'd better step in. This debate about the boson to muon ratio has gotten completely out of hand.

More anti-higgs! Less filling! I swear, this is never gonna get old.

super surfer
If this is what you're seeing in front of you, you're having a really crappy day.

"You damn kids, always skateboarding on the sidewalks!"
(shakes fist angrily)

Yeah! Lousy punk kids!

Superman takes his revenge on Kubert.

[Superman watches the Smallville Season 6 finale]

Superman: Lana's dead! She's dead! They finally did it! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::white truck drives by::

Superman: No.... NO.... $&@!*&^@!!!!!!!!

Kristin Kruek: (chewing bubble gum, twirling hair) Yeah so I just signed a new deal with CW for 3 more seasons on the Show. So CLark's not going to develop into you for quite some time....It's all in black and white, right here. What do ya think? (GIGGLES)

Superman: "I'll tell you what I think. I'll live to see you eat that contract, but I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I'm going to ram it into your stomach and break your g**-d*** spine AAARGH!"

Shwarcszeneggger prank reference, FTW

Zis is how we say goodbye in Germany, Doctor Jones.

I prefer the Austrian way. Man, can't wait for that movie. The best part about Last Crusade is when Connery basically tells his son that he got Ilsa...before he did. LOVE that.


In Metropolis, all the boys are taken away at age 8 and sent to Perry White, who makes them smoke cigars and lectures them about stories. But what does that say about what Jimmy's up to with Lois when Superman's off to war?

Poperotsi photographer: "Superman.. any comment on Britney Spears's perfromance at the Video Music Awards???"

Superman: "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Todd: Youtube Five

(I'm really just doing this to suck-up to Neal, and due to the fact that i Just re-read 'Madly'smiley

Lex: There's poetry that doesn't rhyme?


Now THAT is a reference. It refers to the opening scene in my book Madly, whereby he gets a ride from a yuppie, the yuppie indicates that he doesn't know there's poetry that doesn't rhyme, so Madly stabs his upholstery until the car flips. On 9/11. Kid you not. I rule.

Superman: I am bleeding more, making ME the winner!

(come on, Kung Pow? Not enough Kung Pow references anymore...)

I agree, actually. I'll work on that.


Superman: Pff. World War Hulk, my a--. Whamski! (Knocks Hulk into orbit.) More like Falkland War Hulk.

You expect these kids to know what Falkland is? At any rate, I do, so History Five.

Two days later Hulk crashes back to earth. Smokey leans over him.

Smokey: Hulk? You okay? Are you sure? 'Cause you just got knocked the #$%^ out!

I know this is completely tangential, but at the house I'm working on, the boys helping me stop working, and I say, "Hey, what chu up to. It's Friday! You ain't got no job!" They usually sigh and then get back on the stick.

There's a tiny bumper sticker on one of Superman's knuckles that reads:

Warning! If you can read this, you're already dead.

Quick, answer without thinking:

Take an uppercut from Superman


Have a nice long relationship talk with Lana.

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