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September 3, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

jimmy mac
"Do you have to Reeve so soon?"

"Yes, I have a Pryor engagement."

And the runner-ups:

Monitors: Nothing good can come of this...

Gus Gorman teaches Superman to do the robot.

last man of krypton
Gus: This is a small token of our appreciation for saving us from a chemical plant disaster.
Superman: ...what is it?
Gus: Krypto... err... a paperweight.
Superman: Is this supposed to be Kryptonite?
Gus: No...
Superman: Why does it look like it then?
Gus: Err... err... No hablo ingles!

Gus Gorman: Say Jim! Whoo! That's a bad outfit! Whoo!

Superman: Excuse Me?

So, if I get exposed to this for a long time, I'll blow out the Olympic fire, cause thousands of gallons of oil to leak into the ocean, mess up the Leaning Tower of Pisa and sleep with a blonde bimbo I barely even know? Hand it over to me, now!!

It sounds more exciting than last weekend, that's for sure.

Superman: You wanna go have a few drinks, maybe flick some peanuts into a bar shelf?

Gus: Nah, I'm just gonna stay in and sit in front of my computer.

Actually, that WAS last weekend. Crap.

Superman: You do realize the only good thing to come out of this film was Annette O'Toole, right?

She ca-er, never mind.

Richard Pryor: Man Check! *kicks Superman in the crotch, hurts foot*

Superman: Superman check! *kicks Richard Pryor in the crotch, Pryor sails into the horizon*

The first rule of the Superman Homepage: You Do Not Talk About Superman III.
The second rule of the Superman Hompage: You Do Not Talk About Superman III.

The third rule of the Superman Homepage: If it's your first review... you've gotta fight Lana. Or is it bash Lana? I say too much!

Superman: Sorry. I'd shake your hand, but I think I'm coming down with a case of eeeevviill.

Gus: Neal Bailey is this tall??

Superman: Dude! And he looks like Zod and Kevin Smith's love child! *shiver*

I'm forty foot tall and I will EAT YOUR CITY, little kid! Actually, I'm 5' 10", national average. I'm a dwarf to Supes, though. And anyway, my hair's green again. Go with Dragon Ball Z or something with green hair. I gotta update that picture.

"Whoa, so how'd you make this?"
"Simple, I just pointed a satellite to where Krypton's remains are, and..."
"Wait, there's still some of Krypton left?"
"Yeah, but..."
"Hey! Wait! I'm not done gloating!"
*pregnant Lois* "Anyone seen Clark?"

After yet another bender, Superman awoke with a hangover to find that he had joined the Army solely for the promise of the free gift: a paperweight replica of Bukowski's liver.

Attempted Bukowski suck up points. And hey, if alcoholism was funny two weeks ago, it's funny now...

Alcoholism is always funny until your mother is chasing you with a knife. I think. I dunno. I ran away.

Suddenly, Zod falls screaming and crashes to the ground behind them. Both pause and look, then continue talking.

This one should have one. I'm afraid though, long-term, people might not get it. But points for a gut-laugh.

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