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November 26, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

super surfer
Tom Welling: Lemme see if I got this right. My character passes up HER for Lana?
Al Gough: Yep.
Tom Welling: To H#ll with that idea!

And the runner-ups:

"This year's winner for Best Veronica Mars Look-alike accepts her award."

This gets a nod simply because I'm a "Veronica Mars" fan. Nice call.

And Chloe has set a record by winning her 7th consecutive title, the "I am what Lana's character SHOULD have been" award! Congrats Chloe, and good luck next year everyone!

Anyone think it's kind of funny they never had a prom KING in that episode?

It's because Chloe's amazing! Ya year that, Lana? CHLOE'S COOLER THAN YOU! ...HEY! PUT DOWN THAT AXE!

press conference after the teen choice awards...


And just like that, an arrow came in and nailed beetleb. Not for making an advertising joke, but for putting "laters" in my head again. Arrowvision rules.

super surfer
Al Gough: Cue the bucket of blood in three, two, one...

Chole: You like me, you really like me!!!

Audience Member: Who are you?

Announcer: And the award for 2006's Best Internet Hacker goes to... Chloe Sullivan!

Chloe: Oh, thank you! I can't believe this! Thank you!!!

Announcer: And now Chloe will be led off to an undisclosed location for a strip and cavity search followed by several months of interrogation which will be topped off with a life sentence in a hell prison.

Chloe: What??? No Disney Land?

Announcer: Trust me, this is better.

Chloe (crying tears of joy): You like me, you really like me! My only regret is that you'll all probably be dead or in Belle Reeve within the next few seasons! Thank you and goodnight!

Chloe: And to think just yesterday I thought this was an antiquated and shallow tradition and being one of the popular kids meant just being vapid clones of one another without any real individuality or original thought. Boy was I wrong! Thanks, Smallville High! (Blows kisses.) Laters!

=TWANG!= What did I just finish telling you people?!

last man of krypton
Clark on Red Kryptonite:


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