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February 10, 2008: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Batman: Do I still have to keep walking by the curb?

Superman: That depends. Do you admit that bat-tastic is not a word?

Batman: No.

Superman: Then yes.

And the runner-ups:

Tourist: Comic-con?

Superman: No, gay pride.

Batman: Okay, Cher, Daffy Duck, James Dean, Jack La---Jack Lalaine?

Superman: Jim Carrey, Jack Nicholson, Richard Pryor, Ah! Here I am. Between Richard Pryor and huh? That isn't right.

Batman: Shirley Temple?

Superman: Eh, least I'm not back there between Carrot Top and Barbie.

I bet they aren't the only ones working that street in tights.

Batman: Excuse me, ma'am. We're here to see Wizard World Los Angeles. We need to, uh, have a talk with Joe Quesada. Could you point us in the right direction.

Woman: What's with the shovel?

Superman: It's just best not ask questions, ma'am.

Shirt and tie - $35.00
Reading glasses - $50.00
Making Batman admit to locking his keys in the batmobile - Priceless

Batman: Is that your star?

Superman: No.

Batman: Is that your star?

Superman: No.

Batman: Is that your star?

Superman: No.

Batman: Is that your star?

Superman: No! For the last time my star went SUPERNOVA and destroyed my home!!!

***A long uncomfortable silence as the hero's walk on.***

Batman: Ryan Seacrest has a star and you don't?

Superman SLAMS Batman into the side of an oncoming bus with an ad for American Idol and mumbles:

"Stupid Ryan Seacrest."

jimmy mac
Batman: "I can't believe you got us thrown out of that theater."
Superman: "Hey, I just left my footprints in the cement, like everybody else."
Batman: "But they left their footprints in WET cement!!!"

The worst part is that this isn't even close to the weirdest thing you'll see in Hollywood.

Red Hobbes
For every kid who wanted to grow up and be a superhero... take a good long hard look at this photo... and...



Superman: Still thinking about Batman&Robin?
Batman: YEs.
Superman: I know the feeling. I can't stop thinking about Superman IV: The Quest for Peace either.
Batman: ( sigehs) Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!

Batman: Superman's so strong, Superman can fly! Feh. They never talk about the part where your body odor increases under a yellow sun, too! Cripes, this isn't far enough. I'm going to walk on the other side of the street...

Superman: "I can't believe I had to bail you out AGAIN."

Batman: "All I said was, 'Have you seen my shorts?' I didn't know she'd call the cops."

Superman: "I know Hollywood stole your shorts, but this is not the way to get them back! I guess I should consider myself lucky you stopped asking, 'Hey, have you seen my nipples?'"

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