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February 25, 2007: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

The cast of Smallville get together to look through the new super-ray goggles...

Lex: "What do you see, Clark? I saw a lot of money..."
Clark: "Birthmarks and boobs. What do you see, Chloe?"
Chloe: "A Pulitzer. What do you see, Lois?"
Lois: "Disturbingly tight leather. What do you see, Lana?"
Lana (picks up the glasses and puts them on upside down and backwards): "SECRETS AND LIES! AND PRETTY COLORS! What do you see, Al Gough?"
Al (gazes through the glasses, and accidentally spies last week's reviews): "Cr*p."

And the runner-ups:

Clark: There. With these glasses, everyone will just assume that I went to college! The Daily Planet job is as good as mine!

Al Gough: See? Told you we'd sync up with the mythos one way or another...

Clark: Ok, so if I were these glasses no one will notice that I have superpowers?

Martha Kent: That's the plan.

Clark: Whose stupid idea was this?

Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster both turnover in their grave.

Clark Kent, picture of a man controlling his frequent urge to lick stuff.

Bizarro Brainiac
Clark (putting glasses on): Chloe, can you see them?

Chloe: See what?

Clark: The plot holes...they're everywhere.

super surfer
Al: I have good news and bad news.
Miles: What's the good news?
Al: Tom can read the script now.
Miles: And the bad news?
Al: After he read it, he quit.

Al: See, nobody would ever suspect he's Superboy.
Miles: So how do we hide the fact he's 30?

Clark: Oh, my God, what am I looking at??? Midgets riding monkeys while zombies are trying to milk that tractor!!! Why are those ninjas licking Lana to death!!! Curse these Roy Orbison glasses!!!! Don't worry Lana, I'll call Dr. House! But first I've got to find the Power Rangers to do something out those monkeys!

...You forgot your medication again, didn't you?

Clark Kent Yearbook Photo: Voted most likely to be slipped Red K, then furiously made out upon by me, Chloe Sullivan!

(Only fifty copies of the original yearbook made it into circulation before they were pulled and sent back to press. Chloe was immediately fired from her position as yearbook editor.)

Clark Kent Yearbook Photo: Voted most likely to be a secretive liar! Secrets and Lies! SECRETS AND LIES!

(Chloe Sullivan's successor in the editor position, Lana Lang, was also fired. It was decided that the "Voted Most Likely" section of the yearbook was to be replaced altogether with a "Those We've Lost" memorial retrospective for students who did not live to see the end of the term.

When it became apparent that this new section, rather than being a short space filler as originally intended, had actually doubled the size of the yearbook, it too was scrapped, and was replaced with a one page picture of a crow in a football jersey being smacked in the head by a falling meteor rock with the caption "Good Luck, Class of 2005, You Poor B*st*rds!"

That about says it all, doesn't it, folks?

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