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September 17, 2006: Caption Contest

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Pete: What does that Jimmy kid have that I don't have?
Lex (suddenly wearing a black trenchcoat): KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!

And the runner-ups:

UPN + WB = CW and this week's photo.

Semi risque, but since it doesn't elaborate why, I'm gonna allow it. Mwu ha ha.

super surfer
Publicity shots of supporting actors: $0.00
Filler material for the home page caption contest: PRICELESS

There are some things money can't buy.
For everything else there's Mastercard.

There are really just so many Lana in peril shots...and hey, it's not my fault no one saw the parallel irony of the same character purpose being essentially re-introduced into the show and ran with it...I left the openings!

Ashmore: "I thought Jimmy was suppose to wear a bowtie. Why isn't this a bowtie?"

Alfred Gough: "Yeah, we thought about that but then we though, why actually get something right about any of the characters? We have to be consistent for the sake of continuity. Geez, why do all of the actors think they know more about Superman than me? It's called vision. You know what, you're fired. You're too young anyway."

Ashmore: "I thought Jimmy was suppose to be young."

Gough: "I'm not going over this again. Just get out."

i thought jimmy has red hair.

Al twiddles his fingers.

Al: Muahaha! And Operation White Out commences!!

Pete: So its called Smallville....only im not there.....but Jimmy is? Maybe if i bust a cap in his a$$ theyll let me come back....

Pete: Didnt we ice you in season 1?

Pete: So comic Pete gets to marry Lana, but i'm left hanging? I swear to god if Jimmy gets more action than me i'm going Ruin on his a$$

What the normal Comic book fan wishes they looked like.

Jimmy: Pete, what are you doing here? You've been gone for like 3 years now.
Pete: I got no place else to go....

Love lift us up where we beloooooooooooooooong! (Jimmy carries Pete out)

Yet another change after Infinite Crisis...Pete turns white.

Now that WB and UPN have combined they want all cultures to watch the CW, so they made a new show staring Pete Ross as "Black Thunder" and Jimmy Olsen was "White Lighting" and together they are THUNDER AND LIGHTING!

OOOOOO U trying to take my spot iight I got you just wait till I get to Smallville son I'm gonna get all my goons we go straight choke you eith that camera son Clark ain't gonna help you trust me so we tight like Yankee pinstripes

-5 for grammar, +10 for the "it's so odd, it's funny."

Pete: Shouldn´t you be using a digital camera?

Jimmy: Shouldn´t you be racing around in a meteor-fueled car?

Pete: Shut up... Just shut up!!

Jimmy: I´ve been played by dozens of actors since the 1940´s What´ve you got on me?

Pete: I can stand in front of an aluminium wall and still look cool.

Jimmy: I hate you.

Pete: Don't you know who you're messing with? I'm Pete "The Boss" Ross!

Jimmy: Oh yeah? Well I'm Jimmy "On The Show" Olsen!

Pete: .... (Stalks off, muttering.) ...rassum frassum...

I was just about to say...SNEAKY MONKEY, where aaaaaaaaaaaaaare youuuuuuuu?

Pete and Re-Pete.

last man of krypton
Sneakymonkey posted a good caption a couple of weeks ago. All credit due to him:

CW Spokesman: This season we're introducing the character of Jimmy Olsen! We really felt that the show needed a lighter character, sort of a sidekick for Clark. A guy who could be Clark's pal and provide some comic relief. This season we'll see Jimmy get into all sorts of trouble which Clark will have to bail him out of. Also, we wanted a regular character who could develop feelings for Chloe, so there's the possibility for romance between Clark's two best friends there.

Interviewer: I see. So, sort of like a white Pete Ross, then?

Producer (looks at watch): Whoa, look at the time. Gotta run!

John: Oh, man. Sam wants to rejoin the cast.
Al: I know... I told him to meet me outside the WB studios for a meeting.
John: Aren't we the CW Studios now?
Al: Yes... haha!

Jimmy and Pete's Pose Off would go on long into the night.

Jimmy: Hey, Pete, no hard feelings about me taking your place on the show, right?
Pete: Naw, man, it's cool.
(Pete extends his hand, prompting Jimmy to do the same.)
Pete: Revenge five.
(He slaps Jimmy in the chest as hard as he can, causing Jimmy to fall over.)

Pushing Scrubs to mid-season is a crime against Humanity. Seriously, Hague those (%$$^4rds.

Pete: You knew the rules when you joined, Olsen. Rule number Eight: If this is your first night at Fight Club, you HAVE to fight.

Stealing Lana's own fat to sell back to her. You're too...WHINEY! Get off my porch, Lang!

Miles: Hey, Al, remember when Pete Ross and Jimmy Olsen used to be important parts of the Superman mythos? Instead of an excuse for some lame awkward tension and a supporting character quickly written out of the story?
Miles: Oh, right.

Sam: Aaron Ashmore! *chortle* Do you know how many jokes I can make with a name like Aaron ASHmore?? bwahaha

Aaron: Hush, hass-been. I don't see YOU getting a paycheck on this set.

Sam: Oh, your day is coming boy. Mark my words. Your day is coming.

Hey, Shal! I've got to get in touch with you. Long time no yak.

Pete: Hey Jimmy, where's your bowtie?

Jimmy: *crosses arms and grins* Chloe has it. What happened to your shirt?

Pete: *smirks* Chloe.

Pete gets ready to lay the smackdown on the person who decided to make the Phantom Zone into an empty desert.

Aaron: You must be Sam Jones III.

Sam: And you must be Shawn Asmore the 2nd.

Jimmy Olsen sits at his desk at the Daily Planet wondering to himself if life could possibly get any better. He comes to the conclusion that no, life just coudn't get any better at all.

Pete Ross waits patiently by the Planet parking garage deep in thought, a far away smile on his face, silently adding to his already impressive list of ways to kill a man with a bowtie.

Pete and Jimmy were actually very good friends in Wichita, until Neal, aka, Zod showed up and turned them against one another. As Neal floated overhead and watched, Pete prepared for a fight to the finish. Neal: DIE AS YOU DESERVE TO!!

You know, some kind person listed me on Wiki as a reference in pop culture for Zod? Awesome. At least until someone deleted it, and I don't know how to un-delete it. GO, minions! Whoever puts the fixed link in this week's contest gets a mention.

super surfer
Jimmy: Pete season.
Pete: Jimmy season!
Jimmy: Pete season.
Pete: Jimmy Season!
Jimmy: Jimmy Season!
Lex/Zod shoots Pete: BOOM!
Pete (to Jimmy): You're despicable!

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