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January 15, 2012: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

Caption Contest


Superman Homepage turns the world back in order to save the Caption Contest...and on the return trip ends up on Earth-11 on a slow day.


super surfer:
Sorry you lost your captions. Here's some ice cream to cheer you up.

Wait - wasn't Linda Danvers just eating that same ice cream cone?

chris brockow:
"You to can have an 'S' like mine if you eat this low calorie desert.

Next on Smallville, Clark eats Kryptonite laced Ice Cream and turns into a girl.

Terrence Graham:
The new 52...
the surprises never end!

I know that he jokes about them not being able to legally grant a restraining order because he's an alien, but he knows I only follow him around because I love him. He said to wait here and that he'd be back by the time this melted, but that I wasn't allowed to touch it and it's definitely not made of plastic. That was last Wednesday. He's such a dish!

Lois and Clark's first date was a torrid affair that involved a trip to the Dairy Queen and a little reverse role-playing.

Steve Younnis: "Sorry everyone, but so many people requested this young lady's phone number that the comments section crashed. Please resubmit your comment again."

jimmy mac:
"This looks like a job for†Superma'am!"

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