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June 16, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Nuclear man-first rule about moon fight club, Dont talk about moon fight club

And the runner-ups:

*MUSIC PLAYS* Do the hustle do do do do do do do do do do....

The Old Bum
Superman: (Pinching Lenny's face) I got your nose!

Nuclear Man: I got your tricep!

Nuclear Man disappears in a puff of smoke.

Bryan Singer: I got your continuity.

worst high 5 ever.....

Superman and Nuclear Man have a dance off to decide the fate of the world. Only in the eighties.

Nuclear man attempts the classic three stooges eye poke, which Superman evades with a kick to the groin. Edge, Superman.

The resume of a large portion of the Smallville writers before they were hired.

And the scene becomes even worse once "St. Elmo's Fire" began booming in the background.

The Old Bum
Maybe the moon is made of cheese.

"Hello, my name is Mark Pillow..."
Superman: Oh, that's reason enough right there. *POW*

The Old Bum
Superman: Mind if I lead?
NUCLEAR MAN: Not at all. You have beautiful eyes, Clark.
Superman: Thank you, I built the Great Wall of China with them.

Nuclear Man: Where was the caption contest last week?? I never saw it get posted!
Superman: It was here all along amongst the myriad of Superman Returns news.
Nuclearn Man: I'm really mad I missed the Monkey!
Superman: Well, it appears the Monkey didn't miss you at all...

You will recieve your reward for your patience (if you consider it that and not punishment) when I give you my twenty page report on Superman Returns...

Superman: Can I lick your pants?

(in case there's ANY misinterpretation, that is strictly intended as participation in the running *lick* jokes, which I don't even know the reference for anyway)

Shalamarke, I'm sending the nuclear man. Actually, according to the FCC, you can lick all the pants you want, so long as you don't lick the pants with a sexual connotation. And that's my general rule for "family friendly," at least on this site.

Superman battles Anne Coulter before she took on human form.

Lies! She hasn't taken human form yet. Right now she's a walking corpse.

Damn you Neal, once the evidence is shown no jury will convict me of the beating I am going to give you!!!


It's a joke, I in no way want to cause Neal harm.

I've got advanced alien weapons. Technology far beyond the rest of the world's. Bring it on!

Wow, Neal, nice photo! The fonts, the colors, the overall quality, & Christopher Reeve doesn't look photoshoped or anything. This pic is so good, it almost looks like it came from a real movie. But, dude, what's with the costume? And why did you die your hair blonde like that?

So people wouldn't faint when they saw my totally awesome body.

Sneakymonkey (logs on and sees picture): ....PANTS!!! (Falls out of chair, clutching eyes.)

(Superman blocks, then grabs Nuclear Man at the shoulder and rips his arm off.)

Superman: Now that's what I call Nuclear disarmament!

Nuclear Man: That's not funny.

Superman: .... (thwaps Nuclear Man on top of his head with his own arm.) Is too.

Nuclear Man: ....

(Superman slowly inches out the arm and tickles Nuclear Man's nose.)

Nuclear Man: Knock it off, you @#$%!!!

General Zod and the Phantom Zone villains break free of the crystal and begin heading towards Earth


Ursa: (pointing) Look!

They look down at the moon and see a man in red-and-blue spandex and a cape fighting a man wearing gold lame.

Zod: No way are we dealing with this place. To Planet MARS!

They tried to do a segment about this movie on I Love The 80s, but upon viewing the clip, Michael Ian Black's head exploded.

"Superman IV: What the ^&%$ Is Superman Standing On Top Of?"

Or, as it became known for DVD, simply "Superman IV: What The F***?"

Superman: This is almost as humiliating as that time Aquaman had me pinned to the ground.

I don't think fighting Superman's such a good idea Lion-O... snarf snarf!

... and we all cried ourselves to sleep as an awful character ruined one of our favorite superhero franchises in 1987.

Unbeknownst to us, a five year old little canadian girl became interested in acting...

Superman: You are wonderful.

Nuclear Man: Thank you; I've worked hard to become so.

Superman: I admit it, you are better than I am.

Nuclear Man: Then why are you smiling?

Superman: Because I know something you don't know.

Nuclear Man: And what is that?

Superman: I... (Superman uses his right arm to block) - am not left-handed!

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