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October 10, 2011: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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A FEW DECADES INTO THE FUTURE: This was not a happy Halloween for Todd. He had unwrapped that old costume that he had kept in the attic to wear to the office shindig. No one recognized who he was supposed to be. Unfortunate - because he was hoping someone could tell him. Shelley, the waitress at Uncle Spiro's Deli and Fishing Bait Emporium, just looked on with equal amounts of disbelief and disgust. "This costume used to mean something. I mean, REALLY MEAN SOMETHING..." Todd thought to himself, as he passed by the big picture window of the eatery on his way home, "... I think." He briefly met Shelley's uncomfortable gaze with his own. Then, he moved on.


One fine day in Otisburg...

Lady:....Are you wearing a-?
Superman: For the millionth time, THIS SUIT HAS NO POCKETS!!!

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man, no time to talk...

Do You like my new utility belt... it was a present from Batman!

I'm glad we don't serve alcohol. We would never be able to afford a new mirror and I would hate to charge him for the nuts and booze.

jimmy mac:
Superman: "Excuse me, Ma'am? I'm looking for a friend of mine that was last seen in this neighbourhood. A blond man, about my height, wears a scaly orange jumper and a big 'A' on his belt...?"
Mrs. Lovett: OHMIGOD... HEKNOWS!

Lady: "Hey, aren't you the guy who got drunk and started throwing peanuts at booze bottles in the store right across the street?"
Supes: "Well, you see... there was a reeboot after that so... no, that was not really me"

Storekeeper: "Sorry, I mistook you for Tom Welling but you're wearing a Superman costume. My mistake."

Superman guy: "Hey Annie, give me another plate of that garbage."
Storekeeper: "Garbage? That's my number one special!"

Total BS on that last caption "Say Jim, that is a BAD outfit" caption was way better. I proclaim myself the true winner. The winning caption sucked, not the least bit funny.

Jeffrey Taylor:
No it wasn't.
Try adding another layer to your joke and next time you're likely to do better.

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