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October 12, 2005: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

As the zombies closed in on Lana chanting "brains, brains" they paused, looked at her, and moved on.

"Hey, I have brains. You have any idea how hard it is to come up with those cheers? Come back!"

And the runner-ups:

neal bailey
Broken helicopter: 10,000 dollars.

Stained designer clothing: 500 dollars.

Setting the bich up to be taken out by Kryptonians, just because you're Lex Luthor and you can: Priceless.

neal bailey
This is what happens when Lana is passive THANAGAR!

Announcer: You've barely survived a vicious assault, a meteor shower, a helicopter crash, and a broken leg! What are you going to do now?


Announcer: ...Man, they never say "I'm going to Disneyland" anymore...

Neal: You milked the tractor. Now you pay with... Oh, the heck with it. (BLAM)

Lana, upon seeing the two Kryptonians emerge from the ship, struggles to her feet. She cracks her neck loudly, and her wounds heal almost instantaneously before she throws her fists to her sides and her adamantium claws spring out. She smiles darkly. Everyone looks at her warily. "What - you think I wore that necklace for twelve years and didn't get mutated either?" she cooly says before springing forward and stabbing the two Kryptonians through the chest. Clark arrives moments later, and grabs her, screaming, "What have you done?!?" "There was no other way," she replied. Clark looked into her eyes...and couldn't recognize the woman he loved. There was nothing left for him here. So he threw his belongings into his old backpack and headed out into the world, walking down the highways of America as the "walking away theme" from The Incredible Hulk played in his ears.

Aaron: (reading the above) What the f&%# was that?!?

Inside Smallville writing room.

"Let's do a meteor shower."

"No, I think we did that."

"No, I don't think so."

"Like it matters anyway, right?"

"Ooooh! I got an idea. Let's twist it and make Lex the bad guy."


Zod: Neal before Zod!
Neal: No, no I insist! You go first.
Zod: Tell you what, let's just simplify this. How about we just stomp on her at the same time?
Neal: Suits me.

Sneakymonkey: Wait... A lana in peril image, and it's NOT Neal's turn to judge? Universe... turning inside out... Reality fading away...

Cinemaguy: It's just like the Billy and Mandy episode where Mandy smiled! OOH! Can I be Buttercup?!

Sneakymonkey: ...Ummm... Yeah. Sure. Go do that. I'll just grab my camera so I can enjoy the images later.

I don't know who "Billy and Mandy" are, but I'm guessing I should be grateful CyberV didn't make me "Buttercup."

Actually, Sneaky, your "Bubbles" outfit just arrived.

And I'm saving ChrisBo for Mojo Jojo.

So THAT's where they left the continuity!

"I knew I shouldn't have slept with him."

Wow, it's true what they say - you sleep with a guy and they treat you like dirt.

Great - Clark got to team up with the Fantastic Four to fight Galactus. I got stuck teaming up with Ant Man to fight the Mole Man.

Lana: Chloe was right. 2 out of 3 teens do regret having sex. I wonder if Clark feels the same way?
(Unbeknownst to Lana, a tractor was being aimed towards her at that very moment.)

Bruce Springsteen: (singing) War! Whoa-whao-whoa! What is it good for?
(Neal points to the above picture)
Bruce: Oh. Point made.

Neal: She's dead, Jim.
Lana: No, I'm not!
(Neal pulls out a .45, caps her.)
Neal: Okay, now she's dead.

Hmm. Let's see. Lana doesn't have sex with Jason Teague and he gets his own show and a cool muscle car. Lana does have sex with Clark and he gets a bullet in his gut. Coincidence?

Krypton: Oh, well. Two out of three Lang's ain't bad.

Lana: So THIS is where Star Trek's quality control's been for the last 11 years!

Captain Janeway: The bigger hole over there is for Smallvile's last season.

Captain Archer: HELLO!

Echo: hello... hello... hello...

Archer: I can hear myself!

Lana: And you're staying in there until you can play John Constantine as a blonde British guy!

Keannu: Woah.

As she laid there, half dead, Lana clung to life, and swore that she was gonna Kill Neal!

Then he beat her to death with a stick.

I just wanted to have a happy ending. Until next time, I remain

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