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February 15, 2012: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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JohnF79: is responsible for nearly 5% of all marriages in the US. This is a cragislist marriage.


This Fall on Fox...From the mind of J.J. Abrams, A stay at home mom who makes cakes and dresses as Supergirl falls in love with one of her creations, but everyone might all be dead or something at the end of 6 seasons so don't miss an episode!

jimmy mac:
The One-Millionth customer at POPEYE'S FRIED CHICKEN gets his photo taken with the spokes-model.

Meet Legion of Super-Pets reject, Drooly, the Giant Superslug.

chris brockow:
I am a Super Barbie Girl living in a Star Wars world

Song playing: Secret lovers...

I have powerful friends. You're gonna regret this.

There's kinky, there's erotic, there's just plain wrong, and then there's... THIS.

Kara: "Look don't judge me! I know he has billions and is likely to die of a massive heart attack any day now but I swear it's not what you think!"

Wait, Jabba the Hutt's in this picture?

Fan-girl in the Supergirl Cos-play: What? You mean this isn't a life sized replica of Marlon Brando?

jimmy mac:
Tonight on†Celebrity Wife Swap...

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