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November 12, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Lana: Can you read my mind?

Superboy: I'm "just a friend from another star", and that "You and I could belong to each other"?

Lana: (*thinks* - actually, it was more along the lines of why the heck do you wear your underwear outside your pants) Close enough.

And the runner-ups:

Consumate acting? I don't even find his spit curl believable...

Superboy: What is it, Lana?

Lana: SeaQuest DSV sending a commission my way, loser!

Lana is obviously drunk. Should I fly her home? Or would that risk her vomiting and having it land on someone's head. Oh wait, that'd be funny, let's do it.

super surfer
Superboy: Up, Up, and... oh screw it, let's just go.

In sleep he spoke to me,
in dreams he flew
That voice that calls on me
And do I dream again,
for now I hear
the Superboy of the 80s is here,
inside my mind

Andrew Lloyd Webbers Superboy,
coming to Broadway soon

This one's here simply because I love the Phantom of the Opera. Good call.

Superboy: I think we found Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet.
Lana: How can you tell?
Superboy: Well you can see Wonder Woman in there and Oh My GOD!
Lana: Oh My GOD is right I think your landing gear is up!
Superboy: No I mean Oh My GOD cause we're doing this Stupid pose, I know we're going to be on that Superman Homepage Caption Contest thing.

Giant: Hey, leeme help you with that spitcurl... (HORK! HORK! HORRRRRRRK...)

Superboy: No! No, no, that's... that's okay. I've got it.

Lana- Save me, Superboy, those captions are getting lower and lower!

Superboy- Don't worry, Lana, I can handle those captions!

Aaron Thall- That's where you are wrong, Superboy, you might have survived Neal's captions, but mine are attacking from below... and they are all written in Kryptonite ink!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa!!!

Lana- Is that Kryptonite in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Superboy- Kryptonite.

This photo is brought to you by Old Spice Red Zone. Old Spice Red Zone, protecting heroes from pit stains since 1989.

And suddenly, without warning, a boxing glove arrow came out of nowhere and smacked jrs1980 in the face. In the distance, he could hear Aaron shouting "ARROWVISION IS FOR EVERYONE!", right before he blacked out.

super surfer
Bow Wow stole the green screen for his crib.

And we follow up with the stinky sock award, for offensive stereotyping.

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