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March 3, 2010: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Superman: Bud...
Lex: weis..
Batman: No.


Lex: "So we're all agreed... A large with extra pepperoni?"

Hi, welcome to Planet Krypton. I'm Lex and I'll be your waiter today. Our specials are the Aquaman fish lasagna, the Wonder Woman Greek salad and the Red Tornado tomato soup.

Aquaman: OK so which button do I push?
Batman: Here we go
Superman: It's a camera Aquaman, just push the button on top
Aquaman: Ok I'm doing that but nothing's happening
Lex: That's the button to eject the battery moron
Aquaman: Ok ok I think I got wait now it's ok I totally got it now...wait you said the top button right?
Superman, Batman, Lex: JUST TAKE THE PICTURE!

super surfer:
A picture of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin at Yalta.

Superman: Shhh... Batman... if you remain absolutely still... Smallville can't get to you...

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Lex: "I am called... The Blur!"
Superman: "You can't use that name."
Batman: "because it's stupid."
Superman: "I was going to say it was taken, but stupid works just as well."

Superman: Don't feel bad Lex... on Earth-7, Batman is a skinny white insurance salesman.

It's tax season people.... and here at H & R block we want to get you Luthor rates, at super speed, and make sure you walk out of here with a utility belt load of Green. SO stop on in today.

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