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October 26, 2005: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Heart of the cards, Clark - heart of the cards!

A YuGiOh! reference! And a fantastic one, too! Might not be that funny, but it sure made me smile, and that earns it the win, folks. And now, the runner-ups! A lot of YuGiOh! refs this week. You people know what I like. And keep your eyes peeled as somewhere in this list of runner-ups, I reveal a brand new award to stand proud alongside the Stinky Sock.

And the runner-ups:

The Old Bum
Well this can't be right... you just got the King of Swords, and The Moon card. That would mean your wife has a 4 year old child by Cyclops...

Makeshift Python
Superman: cards....caarrrdsz.....CARRRRDSSSSZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!

Zatanna: You just got PWNED!

I have no idea what the reference is, but the mental image of a super hero talking like your average online gamer is priceless.

Zatanna: I see Death in the future ...

Superman: Who's going to die?

Zatanna: The initials are A.T. does that meen anything to you?

Superman: Not at all.

Zatanna: The killers initials are S.Y. and he will be an Aussie fellow.

Superman: Oh my god ... Steve Younis is going to kill Aaron Thall for another disapointing caption week ...

Zatanna: We must stop this from happening.

Superman: No ... we do nothing ... this doesn't leave the room.

And people wonder why I prefer the Fantastic Four. That website is right. Superman is a (CENSORED)

Superman: Stop channelling YuGiOh right now!

Zatanna: No! I have this inexplicable urge to "rule the duel"...

Lex from last week: I'll stop her! (BLAM)

Superman: Was that necessary?

Lex: Nope. Just fun.

last man of krypton
Superman: How can we make 'Last Man of Krypton' win this week?
Zatanna: I'll go up to Aaron and say, "niw llahs notpyrK fo naM tsaL".
Superman: That's the best you can do? You can't just say a spell here to do it? *sigh*. Oh, what if I wanted Mxyzptlk to win?
Zatanna: I'd say, "niw llahs ktzlp... kzpltk... Mktpl... zptlkz..." err... I'd punch Aaron until he yielded.

Wow... You guys must have REALLY hated this picture...

Superman: When you finish a roll of toilet paper....REPLACE IT!!

last man of krypton
Truly this was a day destined to go down in history. For in this moment, purely by accident did Superman discover the truth:
Zatanna was also a member of Power Rangers SPD and enjoyed tormenting the captured criminals in her spare time.

The most apt reference this week outside gaming jokes. And a Ranger potshot. I approve. Very well, Last Man of Krypton, Ruler of Australia. You shall live.

Superman: I'm sorry, ma'am, but we don't allow counting cards in this casino. I suggest you leave immediately.

Then, he grabbed her by the arm, dragged her outside, and punched her hard enough to knock her halfway down the Vegas Strip. Her landing was a lot like the ending of Con Air...except better, because that movie sucked.

This gets the Stinky Sock Award for the week, simply because violence against women isn't funny. Ever.

Superman: Ugh. I've got oil all over my hands from fighting off Toyman's automatons.
Zatanna: Wet nap? (Hands to Superman.)
Superman (Reads label): "Mind-ee Wipes"?! You know what? I'm gonna pass.

So actually I'm from Eastern Europe, and LuthorCorp brought me over here to test out and then harnass my powers, which is merely hypnotizing people into thinking I do magic by speaking backward. No, I don't know what Gough & Millar are smoking - why do you ask?

Ghost of Superman: So let me get this straight. All you had to do was say "yadsmooD ezeerF!" and I wouldn't have died? Gee, thanks, Zee - glad to know we keep you around for some reason or another...

And with that one caption, you've ruined the Death of Superman for me forever. Nice work. Really

"You know, I always have wondered about Zatanna. Why does she wear a stage magician's outfit as her superhero outfit?"

After a pause, Supes AF realizes the stupidity of his comment because as long as an attractive woman is in fishnets, who gives a @#$%?

Gotta Catch 'Em All, Gotta Catch 'Em All, BrainwashedVillainMon!

Superman (Sarcastically): No, I thought it was hilarious when you used your magic to change my super suit into a Bubbles costume, really I did. I'm about to set you on fire with heat vision for another reason.

You're still miffed about that Powerpuff Girls prank two weeks ago, aren't you?

Superman: "Hey, Zantanna, whatís going on?"

Zantanna: "Oh, well, I just figured out why Iím not popular with the mainstream readers. Iím just not in tune with the younger generation. They donít care about my kind of stage magic anymore."

Superman: "So what are you going to do exactly?"

Zantanna: "Well, I need to make my magic act more ëhipí." She clears her throat. "Abrakadizzle, yo."

Superman: He screams and curls into a ball on the floor, muttering, "Itís over Clark. The bad man canít hurt you anymore, not while youíre in your happy place with Rucka."

Zantanna: "Sup, Dog?"

Superman: "Arghhhhh!"

The second-place winner for the week. Now, I must go slap someone using the phrase "bling bling".

Attack Superman! TOTOMIDA!

I don't know whether I should be awed or scared that you made a reference to the atrocious "Duel Masters" tv show. I also don't know if I should be worried that I knew what the reference was. I vote for worried. But for referencing an air-headed program, I award you the very first Wavy Hair Award, named after the idiot blowing hair in the opening credits of Smallville season 5. It's awarded to the most... thoughtless comment of the week, and anyone that references "Duel Masters... Well, you earned this, friend. My condolances.

Hocus pocus ... this plot's bogus.

Zatanna: spirit of the Millenium Puzzle, come forth!!!!
*does whole Yu-Gi-Oh! transformation*
Superman: I am here to hel-
Zatanna: Superman, what are you doing here???
Superman: Shut up and put down the Dark Magician, will ya?

superman thinking: hmm...a little super vision wouldn't hurt...hmm....ace of spades...2 of spades....magician's coat...inner shirt...victoria sercret catalog 9, page 23, colour: black...girl got taste.

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