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August 27, 2006: Caption Contest

Caption Competition

Think I'm sexy now? Wait til you see my shower scene!

And the runner-ups:

neal bailey
Jimmy: Oh, hi, Chloe!

(Chloe gives an awkward look)

Chloe: Oh, hi...Jeremy!

Jimmy: Jimmy. It's Jimmy.

Chloe: Things got awkward, didn't they?

Jimmy: Yup.

Cue credits: SMALLVILLE: Season Six! Now with more sex!

neal bailey
Jimmy: So, ah, have my bowtie?

Chloe: It's mine now.

Jimmy: Yeah...yeah, I pretty much figured that.

Aaron Ashmore: Forgetting that I'm the twin brother of Shawn, who already appeared on the series, Al and Miles decided to put me on the show as Jimmy Olsen.

Al Gough: Face it Jimmy, you're amazing.

The CW Screening for episode 2 of smallville

President of Cw: Who is this guy?
Al Miles: Well thats Jimmy Olsen (al says proudly)
President of Cw: Well why isnt he moving?
Al Miles: Oh well... we only had enough money to pay him for 1 episode this season, so the rest were just using pictures.
President of Cw: Pictures?!
Al Miles: Yea dont worry we got like 200 hundred of them

Harold: Did Neal Patrick Harris just steal my (bleep)ing camera?
Kumar: Hey, I'm sorry! Doogie Howser seemed like he would have been a trustworthy guy!

Kodak! My only did you know?

"No, our goal is to not stereotype," Al Gough said in a recent interview, "I originally wanted Jimmy to be an Asian exchange student. Just look at his camera. What did I say?"

Jimmy: No, I'm not a photographer, but I did spend the night at a holiday inn.

Aaron is smiling on the outside but on the inside he's suicidal that he has to be in "Smallville" while his brother got to be an X-Man and kissed Anna Paquin and Ellen Paige. And now his plans for murder begin.

That is a pretty raw deal there. But then, remember, he had to work with Brett Ratner, which, if I recall my updated Inferno correctly, is the 12th circle of hell.

HI chef
Chole: Don't call me chef

This goes in because it gave me the unholy image of Perry going "BAM!". With the mystery iron chef ingredient...CHOLE!

CW Spokesman: This season we're introducing the character of Jimmy Olsen! We really felt that the show needed a lighter character, sort of a sidekick for Clark. A guy who could be Clark's pal and provide some comic relief. This season we'll see Jimmy get into all sorts of trouble which Clark will have to bail him out of. Also, we wanted a regular character who could develop feelings for Chloe, so there's the possibility for romance between Clark's two best friends there.

Interviewer: I see. So, sort of like a white Pete Ross, then?

Producer (looks at watch): Whoa, look at the time. Gotta run!

Only he can't drive a racecar.

Sam Huntington, actor, Jimmy Olsen, in Superman Returns,
born April 1, 1982.

Aaron Ashmore, actor, a much younger Jimmy Olsen, in Smallville, born October 7, 1979.

Do the math.

Bwa ha ha ha ha! You know, sometimes the truth is the funniest part of this job.

In response to that post:


Well, Brandon Routh is younger than Tom welling, do the maths

Now I'm all confused. Is the maths like the internets? And is it like a truck, or is it a series of tubes? But, a very fair point. The idea that I'm only two months older than the guy playing Superman is...I could literally lift a city bus.

Jimmy: Hi. I'm Jimmy Olsen, the Smallville writers' latest cop-out.

Funny? Not so much. Poignant? Absolutely.

Makeshift Python
Jimmy: "Oh hey Neal!"
Neal: "Hey Jimmy"
Jimmy: "See that girl by the computer?"
Neal: "Chloe?"
Jimmy: "Hehe, yeah! I'm thinking about taking her out for the night"
Neal: "Really?"
Jimmy: "Yeah! If things go right I might be showing her my O-face. You know: Oh. Oh."
Neal: "WRROOOOONNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Al: It's a plotlines mat! Get it?

Nahinanajhad: This...this is a horrible idea.




Hey Luthor, how about a bribe? :) Keep plugging, you'll get there. The more you come up with, the better your shot. Remember, there's no limit, guys!

Hello, my name is Jimmy Olsen, and I just had sex with Chloe Sullivan.

Well, at least that explains the smile. The sweet sweet irony is that though it's not family friendly, they still put it on the show, so it's in context. Oy!

All of Jimmy's scenes with Lex had to be re-shot, as Michael Rosenbaum kept asking Aaron "Okay, which one are you again, Ashley or Mary Kate?"

last man of krypton
Last Man of Krypton is watching the latest Smallville advert
TV Advert: NOW we're showing everything you've waited to see...
Jimmy: Woah, they grow them big in Kansas don't they?
Last Man: Haven't waited for that.
Green Arrow pulls on his bowstring.
Last Man: Or that.
Lex: Kneel before Zod.
Last Man: Eh. A little.
Martha and Lionel make out.
Last Man throws brick through TV.

last man of krypton
Chloe: Nice camera, Jimmy.
Jimmy: Yeah. It's a little small, but it's not the lack of size, it's what you do with it what counts.
Chloe: (smirks)
Jimmy: What? Oh, will you stop it? Now, do you want to play with my 35 millimetre?
Chloe: (bursts out laughing)

I think the camera is a better actor.

last man of krypton
Funny, I Googled "ways Al/Miles are trying to kill Smallville off" and got several instances of this pic and of Martha and Lionel holding each other. And curiously, one of a monkey in a Superman costume.

And this weeks judge is... Neal Bailey! Wow... after a nice clean shave he cleans up real nice! He shines up like a brand new penny


Jimmy: Gosh, how can I get Chloe to like me? I know! I'll use Tag Body Spray! (Pulls out a can from his pocket and douses himself) Now she'll be mine for sure! (Nods confidently and looks off into the distance, with his hands on his hips) Yeah! (A moment passes. Jimmy looks down to see a squirrel humping his leg. Jimmy looks up, staring blankly.) This...does not work as advertised.

And introducing now...our oldest, most experienced executive at the WB!

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