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June 28, 2011: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Recently, "Fruit of the Loom" confessed that in 1983 they submitted to the worst product placement deal in history.


"And then Superman said 'White" and, as you can see, he was right. Then he says; 'I didn't embarrass you did I?' And i said, 'No, man. It's cool.' Then I asked; 'So Superdude, do you like white?' But before he could answer he suddenly remembered that he needed to stop here at this coal mine."

I seem to have left my suit in my other pants

super surfer:
Even my fish thinks Richard looks a little stoned.

Miner: What are you doing?
Gus: I, er, I'm not sure.
Miner Are you for some reason assuming that Superman has a secret identity?
Gus: Um...
Miner: And therefore possibly disguises his suit underneath normal clothes?
Gus: Erm...
Miner: And opens his shirt when it's time to change, revealing his 'S'?
Gus: Hmmm...
Miner: How would you know that? Mr Scriptwriter, how could he possibly know that?

Miner: Just cause Superman dropped you here and told us to give you a job doesn't mean anything. He comes here at least once a week with somebody. I told him he has to have all applicants apply at our corporate office. Things work differently here on Earth.

a young tony curtis:
And if I twist both nipples at the same time, I can pick up Radio K.A.L. mutha trucka

I ruined Superman III and all I got was this crummy t-shirt!

Pryor: And then he runs toward the camera and rips his shirt open like this!
Guy 1: After 10 years, THAT'S how they ended the show?!
Guy 2: Well it sounds like he at least put on the suit...

william b:
"I didn't want to be rude to Superman, but I think I'll just go home and post my resume online...see if I can get a job at Microsoft or Google instead of working in a coal pit. Yeah. Thanks though."

The Superman III drinking game: You take a drink every time something that was SUPPOSED to be funny is NOT. At this poinnnnnn in theeheh mmmoooovviueeeeeee yoooouuuseeeee seee that Ric Richard Pry Pror is iz ripping off his the shirt because I love you man can I get another round?

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