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June 12, 2015: Superman Homepage Caption Contest

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Clark: "What are you writing Miss Lane?"
Lois: "An ode to spring. How do you spell massacre?"


Lois: What color underwear do you wear?
Clark (thinking): I better not say red.

Clark: "So that's a ham & cheese, extra mayo, an order of french fries, and a milk, please. Oh, and a big slice of pie."
Lois: "Wow! Somebody struck it rich! That will run you almost 25 cents!"
Clark: "I love the 1950s."

Don't peek at her undies...don't peek at her undies...don't peek at her undies...

"Take this down, Lois: There once was a man from Krypton, Who couldn't keep his red briefs on..."

Clark: So Lois you need a fiction story for your report. Let's see... once there was a guy named Batman who thought he could go toe to toe against Superman.
Lois: Clark! I need it to be believable not a tall tale.

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