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January 28, 2007: Caption Contest

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Batista (getting ready to pull out Clark's skeleton): Prepare to die!

Shang Tsung: FINISH HIM!

Batista (looks around, confused): Where the hell does that keep coming from?!

And the runner-ups:

Red Hobbes
One is a surgically enhanced, bitter monstrosity... and the other is Batista.

super surfer
Boy meets girl.
Boy tries to eat girl's spine.
Girl turns into puddle.
The end.

(What? You're expecting Shakespeare with characters like these?)

No. I expected him to drink her with a straw instead.

Batista and Tori Spelling are... The Wonder Twins!

Batista: Shape of a big, dumb ox!

Tori: Form of a water cooler!

Linda: So what do you do?

Aldar: I tear out people's skeletons while they're still alive and eat them. What about you?

Linda: I expose people's personal lives in a gossip column in a daily newspaper.

Aldar: You make me sick!

Before and After

It's amazing what you can accomplish with modern surgery!

Batista: I really don't give a cr*p about wrestling anymore. Can you tell?

super surfer
Linda Lake: Hey Lex! I got good news and bad news.
Lex: What's the good news?
Linda: I found the guy who stole your legs!
Lex: And the bad news?
Linda: He ate them.

Little is known about Batista's character, but it has been rumored that he is the illegitimate son of Sweetums the Muppet...

last man of krypton
A look at guest stars brought in to boost Smallville ratings:
Season 1: Annette O'Toole and John Glover.
Season 2: Christopher Reeve.
Season 3: Rutger Hauer, Michael McKean and Christopher Reeve.
Season 4: Margot Kidder and Jane Seymour.
Season 5: James Marsters.
Season 6: Bow Wow, Batista and Tori Spelling.

Spot the odd season out...

super surfer
With a murderous look in her eyes, Tori grabbed batista by the throat and lifted him off the ground, screaming "YOU STOLE MY SPOTLIGHT!"

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