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Mild Mannered Reviews - Bizarro Comic Books

Bizarro #4

Bizarro #4 (of 6)

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 16, 2015

Cover date: November 2015

"Do You Believe in CIGAM"

Writer: Heath Corson
Penciller: Gustavo Duarte
Inker: Gustavo Duarte

Reviewed by: T.A. Ewart (aka liheibao)

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Jimmy, Bizarro, and Chastity Hex make it to Branson. Once wrapping up the business of last issue, the trio take in a magic show, featuring none other than Zatanna, the Queen of the Mystic Arts.

Zatanna's abilities are based on incantations spoken backwards, and with Bizarro being the master of all things backwards, he quickly adopts Zatanna's abilities, and goes on a trek through the dimensions of the DC Universe. Once done there, Bizarro switches places with Jimmy, leading to the creation of Jimzarro, while Bizarro becomes normal. Zatanna and "Bizotto" work together to set things right, but no sooner than that happens, then ARGUS agents apprehend them, believing the two will be able to aid them in breaking into Area 51.

4Story - 4: This is the most clever of the installments thus far, as Corson has applied more thought into Bizarro than would be expected. The lighter atmosphere allows for the co-opting of Zatanna's powers to plausible, but it's the usage of her abilities by Bizarro that displays Corson's creativity with the character. The ante is upped with Bizarro becoming normal, but the zany clowning doesn't end. It also leads to a cathartic moment between Jimzarro and Bizotto, one that speaks volumes on Corson's writing. Why? It wasn't something that needed to be done, but applying this layer to the story reminds the reader the story isn't all for laughs and giggles. There is still theme, setting, the elements of storytelling being taken into consideration, and in a period where DC Comics seems to be willing to do anything but that, Bizarro is a refreshing, almost comforting, episode.

The trek through the DC Universe dimensions is, akin to Jonah Hex's posse last issue, one that a long time reader can enjoy, and one that can easily stoke interest in a new or causal reader. It's a great display of what DC Comics has to offer... when they actually decide to offer it. It's a shame that a book like Bizarro or Batmite, are the few examples of a willingness to make the DC Universe inclusive without being overweighted with continuity. There is humor and zaniness, but also cleverness, creativity, and most importantly, storytelling. Despite the less than sedulous set-up, Bizarro works assiduously at telling a story. That is something all too often absent from DC Comics these days.

4Art - 4: Duarte finds a groove with Zatanna and Bizotto and Jimzarro that makes this top form for him.

4Cover Art - 4: So we finally find out what's on Bizarro's mind. Sort of.

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