Who's Who in the Superman Comics

Bruce Wayne

One of America's richest men, Bruce Wayne is the ultimate man of mystery. Many men want to be him, and many women want to be with him. But despite his obvious popularity and status, the public still knows little about this industrious young man. What is known is that his parents were killed in a brutal, senseless act of violence. A prominent doctor, Thomas Wayne was a leading surgeon. His wife - Martha, was a star socialite. While walking home from a movie with their son, the couple was gunned down by an unknown hood. Using the fortune they left behind, Bruce Wayne has become the C.E.O. and driving force behind Wayne Enterprises, one of America's leading corporations. With extensive holdings and several subsidiaries - including the scientific/technological corporation WayneTech, Wayne Enterprises remains one of the most powerful corporate entities around the world, right behind LexCorp and Galaxy Communications.

A personal favorite of Bruce Wayne's is The Wayne Foundation - a nonprofit organization that operates charitable works dealing with children and wayward adults. The bulk of Wayne Enterprises is headquartered in Gotham City. However, Bruce Wayne does own other business entities - specifically The Daily Planet newspaper. The latest owner of the erstwhile news source, Wayne has entrusted Publisher Perry White with the operations of the daily newspaper. Bruce Wayne also owns The Sullivan Building, the large residential complex in Metropolis.

As the public respects and admires Bruce Wayne, only a handful of individuals are aware that he is secretly The Dark Knight Detective known as Batman. Having worked with and assisted Superman countless times, the two are truly friends; this despite Bruce Wayne's aloofness, and solitary manner. The public has no idea how close Bruce Wayne is to both Clark Kent and his wife Lois Lane. Also, the public is completely unaware of how Wayne disdains corporate kingpin and U.S. President Lex Luthor. Their rivalry extends outside the business world, as Wayne and Luthor covertly operate on different sides - with Wayne dedicated to upholding justice, and Luthor existing above the law, and using corruption and crime to fuel his personal agendas.

First Appearance: Detective Comics #27

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


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