Who's Who in the Superman Comics

The Injustice Society of the World

The Injustice Society of the World is one of the oldest organizations dedicated to super-villainy. It originally started as an evil counterpart of the Justice Society of America. Led by The Wizard, the ISW attempted to spring prisoners out of detention and start an army; replace key American leaders; and ultimately rule the world. Joined by Vandal Savage, The Gambler, Per Degaton, The Brain Wave, and The Thinker, the Injustice Society nearly achieved its goals... if not for the Justice Society!!!! The Wizard himself faced humiliating capture by none other than kids who were members of the Junior Justice Society of America!

When he escaped prison, The Wizard formed a second team. This time he partnered with The Icicle, The Fiddler, The Sportsmaster, The Huntress, and The Harlequin. Their goal was to steal major American monuments and articles. The agenda was partly undermined by The Harlequin, whose own motivation was to eventually ensnare The Green Lantern in a romantic relationship. Of course, the ISW was defeated again.

In more recent times, the Injustice Society renewed its conflict with the Justice Society, and has also clashed with the Justice League. Even more recently, the mastermind Johnny Sorrow formed an updated incarnation of the Injustice Society. Sorrow - an obscure but deadly villain from the Golden Age - proved every bit as cunning and dastardly as The Wizard, The Icicle, and others who have led The Injustice Society. Green Lantern, The Flash, and other diehard members of the JSA rose to the challenge, and beat back the ISW once again. Although defeated, the Injustice Society never stays down, and its reputation remains as infamous as The Injustice Gang, The Secret Society of Super-Villains, and The Legion of Doom.

First Appearance: All-Star Comics #37 (October 1947)

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


This is a listing of many of the notable characters and a few places that have appeared in the Superman comics from the 1986 revamp up until around 2008.

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