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The Master Jailer

The Master Jailer returns to plague Superman! This time, with far more deadly powers and abilities than ever before! Growing up in Smallville, Carl Draper became a master architect and locksmith. His crowning achievement was the Mount Olympus Correctional Facility, which was designed to maintain such super criminals as The Atomic Skull, Metallo, The Parasite, and Terra-Man. When Superman came to praise Draper for his work, he also added his own special touch to the facility: he covered the building with a plastic bubble, placed it on an anti-gravity platform, and moved it to a height of 20,000 feet into the sky.

Superman wanted to officially name the new facility Draper's Island, but Lana Lang preferred to call it Superman's Island, and the latter name was chosen. This sent Draper into a malevolent rage. You see, as a youth, he secretly admired Lana Lang; and now, this was the last straw: she always desired Clark Kent or Superman, never Carl Draper... and now, Superman had triumphed over him once again. And so Draper was determined to become one of Superman's deadliest foes, and so was born the Master Jailer!

Creating deadly, impervious traps, Master Jailer was a major threat to Metropolis. And while Superman did ultimately defeat the Jailer, our villain escaped; to fight another day.

Many moons later; a new reality arose. Carl Draper was now a wealthy, successful security expert; who globetrotted alongside his teenage daughter. Still the devious soul, Draper assumed the guise of Deathtrap, and attempted to destroy both Superman and Mister Miracle. However, his designs could not hold the two superhumans, and so Deathtrap failed. However, because the sinister Deathtrap obscured his location and any clues to his true identity (in a successful manner), Superman could not apprehend the super-villain.

More time passed, and Washington, D.C. is under attack! Barbed wire and chains overtake The Capitol, and kill several guardsmen and Secret Servicemen. In an effort to kidnap Vice President Pete Ross and his wife - Lana Lang, the Master Jailer makes a splashing debut. Armed for a new era, the newer, improved Master Jailer strikes, alongside Neutron, and encounters Superman. Superman beats back the duo... only to have the battle switch to Metropolis. There, Superman finds the city entwined in hulking masses of barbed wire and chains. Citizens are collared and muffled. The new Master Jailer reigns in the City of Tomorrow! And worse, he is joined not only by Neutron, but also The Prankster, Bizarro, Silver Banshee, Mongul, Rock, Metallo, and several other super-villains. All this is part of an elaborate scheme by Manchester Black, to test the virtues of the Man of Might. And while Superman ultimately proved victorious in this decidedly "Ending Battle", one wonders about the new Master Jailer: is this the same Carl Draper? How did the Jailer become so powerful? Why is the new Master Jailer so dark, aloof, and far more sinister than before? Hopefully, we will know the answers soon.

First Appearance: Superman #331 (Volume 1)
Revised Appearance: Superman #186

This was made with information provided by Rick Leonard and Rick Magyar, from Who's Who Volume XIV, April 1986.

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