Who's Who in the Superman Comics

Funky Flashman

A shrewd, crude businessman and promoter, Funky Flashman exists as the very worst amoral capitalist. A onetime business associate of the late Colonel Mockingbird, Flashman assumed control of the late Colonel's estate. When Mockingbird's fortune consistently decreased, Flashman brought himself to the attention of Mister Miracle, the world famous super-hero, adventurer, and escape artist. Flashman wormed his way into becoming the manager for Miracle's tour, and stole Mister Miracle's Mother Box, a super-advanced, sentient, computer cube. Homing in on the signal of this particular Mother Box, Darkseid's Female Furies (in hot pursuit of both Miracle and his wife Big Barda) invaded the mansion, and destroyed the estate.

Having botched his gig with Miracle, Funky Flashman decided to take on yet another daunting task: become the public relations man and leader of...The Secret Society of Super-Villains! Working as a pawn of The Wizard, one of the oldest and most infamous villains, Flashman steered the Secret Society into a new headquarters and new ways of contacting other villains throughout the criminal underworld. But as usual, the vain and foolish Flashman found himself in a clash of egos, this time with The Wizard himself. Super booted out of the SSoSV, Flashman vowed revenge...but never got it, as the SSoSV was ultimately disbanded.

Recently, Funky Flashman re-emerged as the proprietor of The Super Store: a theme store selling toys, clothing, and other merchandise based on the likenesses of super-heroes; especially Superman himself. Setting up shop in Metropolis, Flashman pocketed millions in revenue, because the super-heroes are real people, and therefore, fall within public domain. With no royalties or licenses to pay anyone, Flashman further expanded The Super Store chain, incurring the attention of Lois Lane, the world famous Daily Planet reporter...and secretly, the wife of Superman.

Through a series of conversations, Ms. Lane (or Mrs. Superman) goaded Flashman into spinning off his concept into a similar franchise, this time focusing on super-villains! With dollar signs in his eyes, Flashman immediately proceeded to crank out merchandise based on the super-villains, including such things as Captain Cold beer-coolers; Metallo lunchboxes; clocks and watches featuring the likeness of The Clock King; and toys and puzzles based on the likeness, color schemes, and themes of The Riddler. While this made more money for Funky Flashman, this did not go well with the villains themselves. And so, Mr. Flashman, while sitting in his office, was paid an unkind visit by Captain Cold. Introducing himself as the self-appointed spokesman for all the "lifers doing time", Cold proceeded to teach Funky Flashman the error of his ways...in the only way Cold knows how to do it. Whether or not Flashman survived his visit by Captain Cold remains unanswered...

First Appearance: Mister Miracle #6

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


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