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Manchester Black

It is often stated that, the worst acts of evil are done under the guise of righteousness. This truly describes the menace that is Manchester Black. Believed to be from the United Kingdom, Manchester Black is an advanced telekinetic and telepath, who can manipulate the minds of men, and therefore - control reality. His origins unclear, the raven-haired Mancherster Black was the leader of The Elite. A small squad of "crimefighters" which distinguished itself by killing every evildoer it crossed. The Elites particular manner of dispensing justice brought them into conflict with Superman. The Man of Tomorrow defeated his opponents, and Manchester Black and his cronies faced justice. Incarcerated, Black was released by Lex Luthor, the President of the United States of America.

Well aware of Black's awesome powers, Luthor found a sinister new ally in his war against Superman. With Black's abilities, Luthor uncovered Superman's secret identity. He also, with the help of Black, received forewarning of Imperiex's attack on Earth. And when Superman and the Justice League learned of President Luthor's treachery, Black shielded Luthor from a powerful mind-probe conducted by the Martian Manhunter. Earning his freedom, Black enacted his own plan against Superman...perhaps the worst threat imaginable, for the Man of Steel...and his home city of Metropolis.

Sadistic and cynical, Manchester Black waged a vicious war against Superman. He believed that Superman was "corny" and "unreal". The ideals championed and espoused by the Man of Steel stood in direct contrast to the grim, gritty environments of Manchester Black, and seeped into his extremist attitudes and agenda. In a short time, Black managed to uncover Superman's entire inner circle. His vast telepathic powers gave Black incite into Superman's family, friends, and associates. Soon, everyone in contact with our hero found themselves in great danger. From America, the world, and beyond, super-villains converged upon Superman's private life. The Atomic Skull, The Puzzler, Mongul, Riot, The Hellgrammite, Bizarro, The Master Jailer, Neutron, The Prankster, Silver Banshee, Metallo, Evil Star, Quakemaster, Firefist, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Ratcatcher, The Terra-Man, The Bug-Eyed Bandit, and Rock were sent after Superman himself, as well as his inner circle. As if this collection of super-villains wasn't great enough - Manchester Black unleashed an intergalactic horde of villains to face Superman. Easily numbering in the hundreds, this climactic battle between the rogues and Superman took the Greatest Hero on Earth to his limits.

Finally tracking down Manchester Black to his and Lois's apartment, Superman confronted his arch foe over the dead body of Lois Lane. Manchester Black, in a deadly game of chicken, prodded the impeccable Man of Might to slay him. Killing Manchester Black would have proven Superman to be no different than his sworn enemies. Despite the temptation, Superman realized that Lois Lane was alive and well, and that Manchester Black - the malicious rogue that he was - could not dissuade Superman from his core values. Black, embittered by his defeat, left in seclusion; revealing to Superman that Lois was alive and well, and wound up in a motel room. Reflecting on his failed attempt to darken the Man of Steel, Manchester Black finally respected his rival, for being the hero everyone respected and worshipped him for. Erasing Superman's secret identity from the mind of Lex Luthor, as well as from Luthor's computer database, Manchester Black apparently committed suicide, by destroying the hotel room in a fiery explosion. Superman believes he will never again encounter this particular foe. Lois Lane believes otherwise. Whatever the truth, Manchester Black has attained a level of infamy only a handful have descended to. The Joker, Neron, The Ultra-Humanite, and Imperiex are now joined by the man known as Manchester Black - one of the most vile forms of humanity to ever infest the amazing world of Superman.

First Appearance: Action Comics #775 (March 2001)

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