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Plastic Man

One of the world's greatest super-heroes, Plastic Man is The Original Long Arm of the Law, incarnate. A true ally of Superman's Plastic Man has proven to be an invaluable asset for law enforcement throughout his illustrious career!

Plastic Man originally began his career as Eel O'Brian, a professional criminal. Successful enough to elude the police, O'Brian hatched a scheme to rob the Crawford Chemical Works. However, during the robbery, he was shot by a security guard, and fell into a vat of chemicals, which included an unknown substance, which seeped into his body. O'Brian was abandoned by his fellow gangsters, but nevertheless managed to escape to a monastery within the mountains, just outside the city. The Rest Haven Retreat showed extreme kindness to Eel O'Brian. They even helped turn the police away, who indeed had a lead on the whereabouts of the Eel. The kind staff at Rest Haven believed that the man known as Eel O'Brian was a benevolent soul, and succeeded in having him renounce his criminal past. From thereon, the young man decided to dedicate his life in the services of good, and overcome evil wherever it existed.

And lo and behold!! Eel O'Brian learned he had super powers! He could stretch his limbs! Twist and contort his body to any known (and unknown) shapes! He could be a real super-hero, and sure enough, the legend of Plastic Man began!

As Plastic Man, the new hero began from the start, by corralling the gang of thugs who abandoned him at the Crawford Chemical Works. From there, he teamed with the man who would become his lifelong friend: Woozy Winks. Mr. Winks saved Zambi the Sorcerer from drowning. In reward, Zambi granted Woozy several super powers. However, Woozy Winks decided to use his powers to become a criminal. This enevitably led to a confrontation with Plastic Man, who saw that Woozy, like he, was a good man, although slightly misguided. Convincing Winks to work for the other side, the two men became the most unlikely pair of crime fighters the world ever saw. Plastic Man, the straight guy of the two, became an agent of the FBI, and were it not for his amazing abilities and his impressive efforts, the hero would have been lost in the shuffle of the numerous mystery men and super heroes that made a Golden Age in America. Alongside the members of The Justice Society of America, The Freedom Fighters, and The All-Star Squadron, Plastic Man made a difference. He fought not only the common criminals, but also many agents and super agents of the Axis Empire which threatened the globe.

After Worl War II, Plastic Man and Woozy Winks shared more adventures, foiling the schemes of several evildoers, including Amorpho and the Granite Lady. Throughout the interim period, the duo maintained a low profile, and recently resurfaced in the Modern Era. It is believed that several forces retarded the aging of both Plastic Man and Woozy Winks. For one, exposure to the mystical powers granted by Zambi managed to retard Woozy's aging. Contact with Woozy also possibly kept Plastic Man young as well, although the very chemicals which created him could have possibly had a similar effect on Plastic Man.

Working for the National Bureau of Investigation, Plastic Man was based in Metropolis, and managed to resume his crimefighting career. While in Metropolis, Plas was introduced to Superman, and the latter relied on Plastic Man every-so-often, in order to fight crime. The two super-heroes developed a mutual friendship, and this led to Plastic Man becoming an honorary member of the Justice League of America.

When the Justice League was recently reformed, Superman was the one who voted for Plastic Man to become a regular member, even over The Elongated Man, another elastic adventurer of the Modern Era, who was a previous member of the JLA. However, because Plastic Man was more powerful, and recently helped the League defeat the Injustice Gang, he was given the nod for membership. And since, Plastic Man has proven to be an invaluable member of the JLA, joining Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and the rest of The World's Greatest Super-Heroes fight crime throughout the world, and the known cosmos.

Now based in New York City, Plastic Man, when away from the JLA, continues his quest to fight crime, and even employs his Eel O'Brian persona, as a major weapon in his impressive arsenal.

First Appearance: Police Comics #1

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