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Luthor, Lena

Lex Luthor's and the Contessa's infant daughter. She was named after a childhood friend of Luthor's, who was killed by their foster father, Casey Griggs. Following Lena's birth, Luthor had her mother drugged and imprisoned, not wanting to compete with anyone, not even a mother, for Lena's affections.

During the upgrade of Metropolis, Brainiac 2.5, the present day version of the automaton Brainiac 13, took control of Lena's body for his own purposes. With the use of Lena as a vessel for his mind, Brainiac 2.5 was able to shield Luthor from Brainiac 13's notice until they could gain access to the Kryptonian Battle Suit that Luthor liberated from the rubble of the Fortress of Solitude in the Antarctic (MOS #95). During the ensuing battle Luthor and Lena/Brainiac 2.5 in the Battle Suit, joined forces with Superman against Brainiac 13. Superman, with the help of the Fortress robot Kelex, came up with a plan to imprison Brainiac 13 into the very technology he couldn't understand, The Kryptonian Battle Suit. With this accomplished, Brainiac 13 turns to Luthor for a final plea. He will give Luthor the ability to concrete and maintain the futuristic Metropolis, making Luthor, in a sense, King of the City of Tomorrow. Brainiac's price? The traitorous Brainiac 2.5 AND his vessel, Lena Luthor. With Brainiac 2.5 in Lena's corporeal form, the Battle Suit can be overridden from the inside and Brainiac 13 can escape to finish his master plan. Luthor agrees and Lena Luthor disappears along with Brainiac 13 in a flash of light. What was Luthor's response when confronted by an angry Superman over the disappearance of his child and only heir to his kingdom? 'I can always make another.' (Superman Y2K [4 part storyline]).

All grown-up and under the influence of Brainiac 13, Lena Luthor returned to first taunt (and then join forces with) her father during the "Our Worlds at War" saga in which Brainiac 13 tried to take control of the world-destroying power released from the defeat of Imperiex. (MOS #117)

Somehow reverted back to her infant form (yet with the mark of Brainiac on her forehead), Lena was returned to her father after Brainiac 13 was defeated.

First Appearance: SUP #131 (Jan. 1998)

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


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