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Talia Head

A beautiful, bold woman, Talia Head is a woman of mystery and secrets. She is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, an international environmental activist and secretly, one of the world's most notorious terrorists. His ultimate agenda is to purge the Earth of its impurities---specifically a majority of the human race!!! As his daughter, Talia Head shares the goals of her father, and has often come into conflict with The Batman.

Apparently, Talia shares a love/hate relationship with The Darknight Detective. On several instances, she has aided Batman in foiling some of her father's more deadly activities. But always, she returns to Ra's side. A woman of many secrets, one is that she may be over 100 years old. Both Ra's al Ghul and his daughter maintain their youth through repeated bathings in the mysterious Lazarus Pit a chemical pool of unknown substances, which can restore life to the dead. Indeed, when Talia's father confronted Batman most recently, it was reported that Talia was deceased.

For whatever mysterious reasons, when Lex Luthor became president of the United States of America, he named Talia Head as his successor as CEO of LexCorp. Unknown to Luthor, Talia attempted to further her family's goals, and often underminded LexCorp efforts to master the futuristic "B13" technology.

She was at one stage enraged when Superman and Cave Carson stopped a project by Lexoil to uncover B13 technology beneath the Earth. And she secretly raided the Entropy Aegis, the heart of B13 technology. Apparently, her ultimate agenda is to use the advanced science as a tool to cleanse the Earth, and not as a tool for Lex Luthor to master Earth's technology.

Talia Head, a master strategist every bit as clever as her father, has made herself into a worthy foe and sometimes ally of Superman. With the collapse of the Luthor presidency, she alligned herself once more with Lex Luthor, joining his Secret Society of Supervillains.

First Appearance: Detective Comics #411

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