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The Creeper

Jack Ryder loves being on the edge. Years ago, Mr. Ryder established himself as the hottest, most controversial television personality. Regardless of his personality, Ryder remained a serious interviewer. One day, in retaliation for his critical interview of a top official, Ryder was promptly fired from his television network.

Fortunately, one of his friends in security offered him a job. Being an investigative reporter, Ryder's friend offered him the job of providing security to Professor Emil Yatz, who was a Russian defector. Professor Yatz invented a healing serum, and a device which could rearrange molecules. With such inventions to his credits, the Russian government wanted Yatz back, and actively hired agents to kidnap the good scientist. Indeed the kidnappers were successful, and Professor Yatz was now held hostage.

It was rumored that the alleged kidnappers were gathering at a costume party. Jack Ryder decided to crash the festivity in a bizarre get-up: yellow makeup, a green wig, and a red sheepskin rug worn as a cape. Along with trunks, gloves, and boots, Ryder's costume was complete, and the wily reporter made his way into the party. The heroic journalist attempted to free the professor, but was caught and severely wounded. Imprisoned with Yatz, Ryder was at death's door, until the scientist injected him with the healing serum, and literally implanted the molecular rearranger into Ryder's wound. Jack Ryder's molecules were forever merged with the matter of his concocted alias. The professor was ultimately shot to death, for not giving up his creations to his abductors. When the evil agents tried to shoot Ryder, the latter transformed into his alter ego, hence known as The Creeper. Maniacal, deeply disturbed, The Creeper wound up killing every one of the kidnappers. Afterwards, Jack Ryder utilized his crazed alias to become a vigilante. As The Creeper operated in Gotham City, he encountered Batman, who would later cure him of his insanity. The Creeper also managed to become a lifelong rival of The Joker; equaling the Clown Prince of Crime in disturbed behavior. For a time, the antihero even joined The Secret Society of Super-Villains. Nevertheless, The Creeper would wind-up remaining a force for good.

Jack Ryder, like so many reporters, has moved between several cities throughout his career. This means The Creeper has operated not only in Gotham City, but also in Boston, New York City, and most recently Metropolis. Lately, Jack Ryder has run afoul of Clark Kent - another reporter. Working for the Daily Star, Jack Ryder often competed with Kent for stories. Lately, the rivalry has become more "up close and personal" as Jack has joined the Daily Planet. He has managed to take over Clark Kent's top position, and personally enjoys ribbing Kent about his demotion. Meanwhile, The Creeper remains a busy hero and adventurer. He recently battled Prof. Thaddeus Killgrave when he tried to takeover Metropolis. He also encountered Superman while attempting to excise the ongoing bouts of insanity he endures as The Creeper. Nevertheless, Creeper remains as one of the most colorful, yet dark-hearted vigilantes in DC Comics.

His Powers and Abilities:

Injected with a regenerative serum and molecular rearranger, The Creeper is a fearless adventurer who relies on acrobatics and a freestyle form of fighting. It's safe to assume that Jack Ryder took martial arts lesson way before he became a crime fighter. Also, the inventions within The Creeper's body now provide him with enhanced strength and stamina. In other words, The Creeper is superhuman.

In addition to his physical talents, one of The Creeper's greatest assets is his intimidating image. His ghoulish appearance, coupled with a chilling laugh, and sarcastic mentality are enough to make lessor criminals scared and think twice about challenging him. Even fellow crimefighters find him...creepy.

First Appearance: Showcase #73 (1968)

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