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Starro the Star Conqueror

Without a doubt, one of the Justice League's most persistent menaces, the alien entity known as Starro comes from a world unknown, but always land on Earth - with the intention of complete and utter domination of humanity.

Starro first appeared over the United States of America, threatening Science City, and moving onward to Happy Harbor, then the home of the Justice League's headquarters. With his little, face-hugging probes, Starro nearly achieved his agenda. However, the combined might of the Justice League of America soon put an end to Starro's particular plan.

Over time, Starro has battled the JLA again and again, and even fought Superman singularly... evertime Starro has met defeat. One of the most recent invasions came when the Star Conqueror based himself in Blue Valley, then proceeded to take control of the globe. So powerful was the Star Conqueror that nearly every sole was left unconscious, and defenseless against the intergalactic despot. Daniel, Lord of the Dreaming, enlisted the aid of Justice Leaguers Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern - and managed to enter the very mind of Starro. Upon defeat, Starro was made a permanent prisoner within Daniel's realm. Only time will tell if Superman and the JLA will see Starro again.

The M.O. of the Star Conqueror is to settle upon a wide stretch of Earth, as its actual size may range from hundreds of feet to thousands of miles. Then, it unleashes several foot-long probes, face huggers of a sort, which latch onto intended victims. Attached to the host body, his or her will is lost to the dominant commands of the Star Conqueror. And after Starro has succeeded in conquering a world, it completely exhausts the natural resources of the planet, then leaves, with a lifeless world as its calling card to the cosmos.

First Appearance: The Brave and the Bold #28

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


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