Robin, the Boy Wonder

Robin the Boy Wonder is Batman's cohort in crimefighting. He's known by his bright costume and daredevil acrobatics, continuously amazing people as he helps protect Gotham City and the globe against evildoers. The Boy Wonder is - believe it or not - a frequent partner of Superman's. Yes, The Dark Knight's junior partner has teamed with Superman several times in order to counter crime.

Sometimes Batman has been injured, and so Superman has done his friend a favor and watched over the boy sidekick. Other times, Robin has joined Superman to tackle cases in which crime waves have impacted both Metropolis and Gotham City. Robin is also a close friend of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen.

Historically, there are two individuals most known as the alter egos of Robin: Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. The original Boy Wonder is Dick Grayson, whose parents were murdered by Boss Zucco. As Bruce Wayne, Batman adopted Dick, and trained him as a sidekick. For years, Grayson cemented Robin into the annals as one of the most prolific and legendary Kid Crusaders against crime. As Robin, Grayson also led The Teen Titans, teamed with Batgirl, and carved his own legacy away from the shadow of the Batman.

As Grayson matured, he bowed out of his role as Robin, and became Nightwing. But the void was filled with the arrival of Tim Drake. A fan of the Dark Knight, and a child who shared similar tragedies with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, Tim Drake endeared himself to Batman, and became the new Robin. Like Grayson, he too is a member of the Teen Titans and fights by Batman's side. As Robin, Tim Drake ensures that the legend of the Boy Wonder is alive and well beside The Batman!

There is a "third" Robin, one considered an interim between the far more familiar Dick Grayson and Tim Drake:

Jason Todd was introduced shortly after Dick Grayson adopted his Nightwing persona. He was an easy fit as Robin, because Todd's father was a member of Two-Face's gang who was eventually murdered by the arch-fiend. Bruce Wayne officially adopted Jason Todd, and because of the lad's background, Jason was a perfect fit for the Batman Family.

As Robin, Jason initially showed great promise, and actually resembled the Boy Wonder that Dick Grayson once was. Alongside Batman, this new Robin helped to battle the likes of Two-Face, Nocturna, The Night-Slayer, Crazy Quilt, and other prominent evildoers throughout Gotham at the time. Unfortunately, when Batman's realm was recreated after the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, a more sinister version of Jason Todd emerged.

Redesigned as a streetwise kid with a violent temper, this new Robin was more than the Dark Knight bargained for. In one particularly disturbing case, Batman suspected that Todd may have outright murdered a young criminal the Dynamic Duo was tracking. A far worse turn into nightmare occurred when Jason Todd got wind of his birth mother's existence. He trailed her to North Africa, where it was discovered, she was involved in a major plot that The Joker was crafting. The Clown Prince of Crime and his henchmen captured Batman, and brutally beat Robin.

It was believed by Batman that Robin and his mother died in a terrible explosion set by The Joker. The exploit was one of Batman's most nightmarish tales ever. When Jason Todd was buried, Batman thought an awful chapter in his life came to an end. Eventually, Tim Drake encountered Batman - and became the new Robin. The Dynamic Duo was reborn, and The Batman went on to reshape his own image as a Dark Knight, prepared to defend Gotham City from his arch enemies and others who wished to imperil his hometown and the world.

A new twist contorted Batman's life and outlook while the hero met a new, more personal foe in the form of Hush. In the course of the adventure (which involved the assistance of Superman), it was alluded that Hush was a mature Jason Todd. In reality, Hush was actually a longtime friend of Bruce Wayne's, and employed Clayface to adopt Jason Todd's visage as a cruel ploy. But with the conclusion of the case, it was revealed that Todd's body was indeed missing from his grave. Questions lingered until... Jason Todd reemerged as The Red Hood! Now a vengeful killing machine, The Red Hood has plagued Batman and Gotham City, adding unwanted drama to the already troubled existence of Batman.

First Appearance: (Historical) Detective Comics #38 (1940)
First Appearance: (Jason Todd) Detective Comics #526 (May 1983)
First Appearance: (Tim Drake) Batman #436 (Aug 1989)

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