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The Thorn

A true lady and the daughter of Metropolis Police Detective Phil Forrest, Rose Forrest enjoyed life as any young woman should. She maintained a successful career as a secretary. And thanks to her father, Rose never had to worry about fearing the criminal element in her fair city of Metropolis.

Sadly, this piece was shattered when Detective Forrest was murdered. His killers were members of the elite criminal organization known as The 100. The leading mob before the rise of Intergang, The 100 ruled the underworld of Metropolis.

Upon learning of her father's passing, Rose Forrest snapped. She was hospitalized for mental illness, and indeed, she developed a new personality. This dual persona was determined to avenge her father's assassination, and would arise whenever Rose would sleep.

Creating the new identity of The Thorn, this alter ego of Rose Forrest was a major pain in the side of The 100. Eventually, with the help of Superman, The Thorn finally toppled the original incarnation of the 100, and remained dormant for a time. But when the gang reemerged as The 1000, The Thorn went back into action, and delivered another crushing defeat to the evil underworld empire; this time with assistance from Booster Gold.

Recently, with the growing threat of Intergang, The Thorn reappeared in the Metropolis nights, and helped Superman battle another criminal empire spawned in Metropolis. And when a former member of the original 100 orchestrated "The Night of 100 Crimes", The Thorn captured him, and warned that if he or anyone else tried to restart The 100 or even another criminal enterprise, she would be there to finish it.

As The Thorn, Rose Forrest is unaware of her nighttime activity. It is as if they are truly two separate women. The Thorn has extraordinary martial arts skills, and utilizes several thorn-inspired weapons to combat crime.

First Appearance: (Historical) Lois Lane #105

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