Who's Who in the Superman Comics

Galaxy Communications

A major economic engine of both Metropolis and the United States, Galaxy Communications is one of the world's leading telecommunications companies, and the corporate parent of Galaxy Broadcasting Systems. GBS is one of America's major broadcasting networks. GBS owns some of the nation's largest television and radio stations. GBS also contains Galaxy Studios, which produces much of the network's tv programming, as well as feature-length films. The GBS Information Network is one of cable television's leading sources for news and information from around the world, firmly competing with CNN, and other cable news channels.

Galaxy Communications also supplies cable service and phone service to customers in Metropolis. It has a broadband division that supplies Americans with cable and digital television services. Galaxy Communications includes Galaxy Publishing, which produces several periodicals and books. At one time, the company owned The Daily Planet newspaper.

Originally spearheaded by Morgan Edge, an article by Planet reporter Clark Kent revealed that Morgan Edge was also in command of Intergang, one of Metropolis's most notorious criminal organizations. This eventually led to Vincent Edge taking over Galaxy Communication. However, he too was ousted from the corporation, as it was exposed that he continuously made Catherine Grant the victim of repeated sexual harassment.

Galaxy Communications shares a loose alliance with The Daily Planet, as they are two of the leading centers for truth and accuracy throughout the city's media. They are aggressively opposed by Lexcorp, which operates WLEX-TV, a major television station in Metropolis; and LexCom, an internet site that serves as a digital news center, much like MSNBC.  As it is offered over the internet, LexCom has a great access to mainstream America, minus the costs of publishing. Lex Luthor, the owner of Lexcorp, manipulates nearly two-thirds of Metropolis business. Galaxy Communications stands as the leading major media empire which provides the citizens of Metropolis with information and entertainment.

Sources: Superman Secret Files and Origins #2, and The Atlas of the DC Universe.

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


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