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(Winslow Schott) - Winslow Schott used his electronics talents for years to be one of England's premier toymakers. When his employer company changed management and had Schott fired, however, he used his talents to murder several company shareholders with lethal toys. Dubbed the Toyman by the English media, Schott came to Metropolis planning to attack Lex Luthor since LexCorp had being responsible for the management changes at Schott's company. Instead the Toyman ended up working with the criminal group Intergang and used their resources to study alien technology from the planet Apokolips. After Cat Grant's efforts had Intergang's leader convicted, the Toyman began a scheme to kidnap children before being stopped by Superman. Following another arrest, Superman found the Toyman had turned into a child abducting psychopath. Previously, Schott although having kidnapped children, hadn't harmed any kids. But Superman found that Schott had suffered a mental breakdown, changed his appearance, and was now willing to kill children. One unfortunate victim was Cat Grant's son, Adam. Schott explained his change later in prison to Superman and a grieving Cat Grant. Schott recently escaped prison and tried trapping and attacking Superman after a new line of Superman action figures were released without a Toyman figure, but Superman defeated him. Recently, Superman attempted to rehabilitate the Toyman, setting him up with a Toy-making job for homeless and deprived children.

After the Infinite Crisis, a new Toyman has risen to the surface. He resembles a diminutive, human doll. No one is certain if it is an incarnation of the original Toyman Winslow Schott... or a different man altogether. From the start, he appears to be an ally of Lex Luthor, and is participating in a major scheme by Luthor to effectively annihilate the Man of Steel.

The new Toyman is just as diabolical as the original version. However, he appears to be more of a machinesmith and techie. In addition to the classic Toyman modus operandi of employing deadly weapons in the disguise of harmless toys, the new Toyman - keeping in step with the times - acts as if he is playing out a deadly videogame... with Superman as the target!

First Appearance: SUP #13 (Jan. 1988)

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


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