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Superman of Earth-2

The Superman of Earth-2 is the Man of Steel from another dimension. Originally debuting in 1938, this Superman is much like his modern day counterpart of Earth-1, but has noticeable differences in his identity and background.
This Superman, while often believed to be the original, Golden Age Superman, is actually a different person from the original legend. For starters, he hails from a Krypton where its inhabitants already had super powers, regardless of a red sun. Prominent Kryptonian scientist Jor-L and his wife Lora bid farewell to their infant son Kal-L, as he is saved from his homeworld's destruction, by being rocketed to the planet Earth. Landing in Smallville, U.S.A., the boy is raised by the kind souls John and Mary Kent. They name their adopted son Clark, and instill in him core values which will aid Clark Kent in becoming a model citizen.
Time passed, and sadly - so did John and Mary. The advice John Kent gave to his son was to use his powers for good. And with that device, Clark Kent left Smallville, and went to the big city of Metropolis. Becoming Superman, Clark Kent is the first major super-hero of the Golden Age. His first heroic act is saving a man from lynching. The story is chronicled by Clark himself, and helps him land a job at the Daily Star newspaper.
Working under editor George Taylor, Clark Kent becomes a leading reporter, and meets Lois Lane. Alongside Lois Lane and photographeer Jimmy Olsen, Kent settles into his role within the Daily Star. But one thing he can never understand is his inability to attract Lois Lane. Seemingly cold-hearted and temperamental, Ms. Lane is attracted to Superman, and Superman only.
The Man of Tomorrow becomes a leading super-hero, and is often coupled with Batman as The World's Finest Team. He is also instrumental in saving several mystery men from a Nazi invasion of America. These heroes, Superman included, form the Justice Society of America, and shortly afterward, the expanded All-Star Squadron.
Superman establishes himself as the leading super-hero, and accumulates a colorful collection of super-villains. His leading enemy is the red-haired Luthor, an evil genius bent on conquering Earth. Another frequent foe is the Ultra-Humanite. More foes follow, and they include, Mr. Mxyztplk, The Toyman, The Prankster, J. Wilbur Wolfingham, Funnyface, The Archer, The Puzzler, and Atom-Man.
Time marches on, and Dan Rivers, under the name Swami Riva, finds a green stone in his turban brings great distress to Superman. The stone is actually Kryptonite, and is Superman's first encounter with the deadly substance. Tracing the origin of the deadly material, Superman finally learns about his true history. Eventually, the public becomes aware of Kryptonite, and villains such as Luthor will use it to ward off The Man of Steel in future confrontations.
More time later, and the evil Wizard casts a spell on Superman, which robs him of his heroic identity. Unaware of his Superman persona, Clark Kent proves that he is still a champion of justice, and becomes a more determined, crusading journalist. He efforts win the admiration and love of Lois Lane, who on their honeymoon, finds out that Clark Kent is Superman. Tracking down the Wizard, Lois convinces him to reverse his spell...and he does.
When Superman returns to action, he does so as a full-fledged member of the Justice Society of America. Along with the JSA, Superman battles such foes as The Wizard, Vandal Savage, Solomon Grundy, The Brain Wave, Per Degaton, and the entire Injustice Society of the World. His original foe - The Ultra-Humanite - also returns. This time, Ultra-Humanite transplants his brain into the body of a mutated white gorilla, and utilizes both brains and brawn to achieve his evil agenda. A lifelong enemy of Superman, The Ultra-Humanite emerges as one of Superman's deadliest, most devious foes. He manages to battle the entire Justice Society of America, and even tackles both the JSA and JLA as the leader of a revived Secret Society of Super-Villains.
Meanwhile, Superman's private life is one of happiness. Married to Lois, Clark Kent becomes the editor-in-chief of the Daily Star. He also shares a special friendship with his Earth-1 counterpart, the more modern Superman. As the Man of Tomorrow, Superman also becomes a leader of sorts for the Justice Society. Now fiftysomething, Superman is distinguished by gray hair across his temples. Members of both the JSA and the JLA look to him as the elder statesman of super-heroes.
A new woman enters his life - Kara Zor-L is saved from doom when her family - survivors of Krypton's destruction, rocket her to Earth when their starship explodes. Upon landing on Earth, Kara meets and establishes ties with Kal-L, her cousin Superman. Endowed with the same super powers as her older cousin, Kara adopts the identity of Power Girl, and joins Superman as a member of the Justice Society of America. Initially joining Robin and the Star-Spangled Kid as a part of The Super Squad, the trio eventually merge with the rest of the JSA to form a solid team, and the three young heroes serve to reinvigorate the lineup of legendary heroes.
Superman and Power Girl are key saviors of humanity and the cosmos, during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Although his reality was ultimately obliterated, and his existence wiped from the memory of the people he saved, this Last Son of Krypton's last recorded appearance was joining his wife Lois, and a Superboy from another reality, inside a pocket dimension; where they all lived happily ever after.

First Appearance: Action Comics #1 (June 1938)

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