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The Injustice Gang

A clandestine collection of supervillains, The Injustice Gang of the World is one of Earth's most fearsome gatherings. Originally assembled by an alien conqueror named Libra, The Injustice Gang consisted of Poison Ivy, The Scarecrow, Chronos, The Mirror Master, The Shadow-Thief, and The Tattooed Man. This incarnation battled The Justice League of America, but ultimately was proven to be a ruse, in order for Libra to capture the JLA members and siphon their powers. Unfortunately for Libra, he could not properly harness the cosmic energies, and his body dissolved into space. While Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, The Elongated Man, Batman, and Aquaman eventually regained their energy and related powers, the name of the Injustice Gang proved legendary to the underworld, as it was the first organized superteam to challenge the modern Justice League of America.

This led to Lex Luthor, Superman's arch enemy, forming his own Injustice Gang to defeat Superman and the JLA. Comprised of Luthor, The Joker, Circe, Dr. Light, OceanMaster, and The Mirror Master, this incarnation of the Injustice Gang was far deadlier than the first, as it initiated a major massacre in Star City. With The Rock of Ages in hand, Lex Luthor attempted to disgrace the Justice League and Superman himself, by first constructing artificial duplicates of the League to destroy Star City, then creating dissent between its members.

However, thanks to the timely intervention of the futuristic Hourman, and his mentor, the New God Metron, the JLA was victorious over the Injustice Gang, and Superman compelled Luthor to return Star City back to normal, so that no one was killed or harmed in the original invasion of the city.

Obsessed with defeating Superman, Lex Luthor attempted to reform his Injustice Gang, this time, using Prometheus, The General, and The Queen Bee. However, while this grouping was smaller than Luthor's first Injustice Gang, its members were just as cunning as Luthor, and they had their own agendas. So powerful and destructive, Queen Bee, The General, and Prometheus instigated a conflict which not only had the JLA oppose them, but every masked hero and New God united to defeat The Injustice Gang.

While no one knows if Lex Luthor will try and helm yet another Injustice Gang, what is certain is that the group will appear again. More than the Secret Society of Super Villains, The Royal Flush Gang, and even the original Injustice Society of the World, the Injustice Gang has left Earth on the brink of chaos in every encounter it had with the Justice League. More than ever, supervillains and anarchists around the globe consider it an honor to be associated with the Injustice Gang.

And more prominently for Superman, the Injustice Gang has faced The Man of Tomorrow every time it has challenged the Justice League. In every confrontation, it has been Superman who has led the league to victory over one of the world's greatest gatherings of Supervillains. Considering the membership of the JLA over its historic existence, and the many heroes who have served with the team, this is a phenominal rarity.

First Appearance: Justice League of America #111

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